Randox Food Diagnostics- Innovative Drug Residue Screening Solutions

Randox Food Diagnostics strive to increase customer confidence by improving food safety globally. Randox’s unique patented Biochip Array Technology and high quality ELISA test kits are leading the way for drug residue testing across a range of platforms, including: Meat & Seafood, Honey, Milk, Mycotoxin, and Urine.

Enzymatic Wine Testing Solutions

Randox Food Diagnostics provide enzymatic and colorimetric kits suitable for use throughout the winemaking process.

The science behind winemaking is known as oenology. A key part of the process involves enzymatic testing for a wide number of parameters to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle of wine produced. Randox Food Diagnostics cover a wide range of these parameters.

Randox Food Diagnostics provide two instruments for wine analysis, the first being the semi-automated RX monza which is the perfect solution for wineries bringing testing in-house. The second is the RX monaco which is an efficient, cost-effective upgrade to a fully automated analyser. More information on both of these analysers can be found in our brochure here.

For more information on what we do, please visit: www.randoxfooddiagnostics.com.