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About Us

1982 saw the inception of, what is today, a global market leader in the clinical diagnostic industry. Randox products are used by laboratories worldwide and are held in high esteem due to their high quality and reliability. We have built an exceptional reputation for customer service and revolutionary innovative products. Founder and Managing Director, Dr Peter FitzGerald CBE FREng has invested a lifetime of ambition, hard work and dedication to making diagnostic healthcare solutions better. The overall vision for Randox is to develop better, more sensitive diagnostic products that would ultimately help to improve human healthcare. This led to the formation of the Randox mission statement:

"Revolutionising healthcare through improving diagnostics"

This is why Randox designed the very exciting Biochip Array Technology (BAT) that has changed the way we think of diagnostic testing. Instead of a patient sample needing to be subdivided for each test result, BAT offers a diagnostic patient profile with each patient sample. So now the patient's need becomes the focus delivering the multiple results needed for improved diagnosis.

From the beginning of a business which manufactured and sold seven clinical chemistry kits, the company has not only expanded its portfolio to over 1500 catalogue numbers, but also, through a heavily committed Research & Development programmes has diversified into many other aspects of science. Randox is a world leader in clinical diagnostics, with over 30 year's experience. The Randox Group supply high quality diagnostic products for laboratories. The innovative approach we take to diagnostics allows the development of revolutionary products specifically designed to provide more efficient, higher quality and reliable results.

Randox provides Quality Management Solutions including Acusera quality control material, 24.7 peer group reporting and RIQAS EQA programmes. We offer the RX Series of clinical chemistry analysers, from low to high throughput so there is an RX analyser for all laboratory types. Our extensive portfolio of high quality reagents are available for use on a wide range of analysers. Biochip Array Technology offers multiplex testing for clinical, research, toxicology and molecular laboratories.

The Randox Group incorporates Randox Laboratories, Randox Teoranta, Randox Toxicology, Randox Health, Confidante, Randox Life Sciences, Randox Testing Services and Randox Pharma Services, Randox Food Diagnostics


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