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Why Partner With Randox?

Randox is an international healthcare diagnostics company with over 30 years’ experience as a supplier to the veterinary market.  Our extensive product portfolio includes diagnostic reagents, quality control, external quality assessment (EQA) and the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers specifically designed to accurately diagnose and effectively monitor the general health and well-being of a diverse range of animals, including companion animals, livestock, exotic species and birds.  The biochemical composition of all animals, including humans, is very similar; thus, although made from human compounds, our assays are suitable for use in the veterinary market. In addition, the wide measuring ranges of our assays ensure suitability across a vast range of species.  Partnering with Randox for your all your veterinary diagnostics requirements will give you access to unrivalled customer service and exceptional expertise, adding value to the service you provide to your customers.

Benefits Of The RX misano

  • Touchscreen technology & icon based software enable ease of use and smooth navigation
  • Compact bench-top design helps save space and facilitate portability
  • In-built QC monitoring ensures accurate results, first time, every time
  • Automatic storage of up to 1,000 results
  • Large test menu offers a more comprehensive analysis and competitive edge to your practice
  • Small sample volume (2μl – 20μl) ideal for the diagnosis of small and large animals
  • USB port for importing test menus and exporting results in CSV format allows for easy storage of veterinary patient data
  • Custom build test menus and create favourites to enable personalised panels, such as diabetes and renal function, or species specific panels such as equine and companion animals

System Overview

Cuvettes &
Flow Cell

Option to run flow cell or cuvette mode ensures a maximum number of chemistries can be performed on one system.

Flow cell washing avoids contamination ensuring accurate results are produced.


USB port for importing Randox-defined test menus and exporting patient, QC and calibration results.

Enables the user to quickly export results from the analyser and convert into excel format.

LCD Touch Screen

Quality display on a large 7” LCD touch-screen responsive even when wearing lab gloves.

Simple on screen icon based navigation allows the user to efficiently complete their testing with minimal effort.

Test Menu &

Extensive dedicated test menu allows vets to expand their diagnostic offering and bring more testing in-house

Real cost and time savings can be achieved when more testing is conducted on-site

RX misano Veterinary Test Menu

Our extensive, dedicated RX series test menu will enable you to carry out more on-site testing, thus minimising time spent in waiting for external test results to return, as well as helping you keep your business more profitable.  One of the benefits of our test menu is its breadth of choice and specialist offerings which veterinarians will find of benefit.  The below list outlines the tests available on the RX misano, however further reagents are also available for the entire RX series as well as for other analysers.



Alkaline Phosphatase





Bile Acids

Bilirubin (Direct)

Bilirubin (Total)






CO2 Total



D-3 Hydroxybutyrate (Ranbut)



Glucose Oxidase

Glucose Hexokinase

Glutathione Peroxidase (Ransel)


Iron (UIBC)




NEFA (Non-esterified Fatty Acids)

Phosphorus (Inorganic)



Superoxide Dismutase (Ransod)

Total Protein



Uric Acid

Urinary Protein


Other Tests Also Available:

Acid Phosphatase

Apolipoprotein A-1

Apolipoprotein B


Beta-2 Microglobulin


Cystatin C

Direct HDL-Cholesterol

Direct LDL Cholesterol

Glutathione Reductase




Total Antioxidant Status

Ordering Information

RX misano analyser RX6015
RX misano cuvette incubator A702-496

RX misano cuvette incubator

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