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Careers and Jobs at Randox

Vacancies at Randox

Due to the ongoing expansion within Randox Laboratories we are continually seeking individuals who have the drive and commitment to join one of the many teams within our global organisation.

UK & Ireland

Marketing Executive (Job Ref: 14/MKEA)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Refrigeration Engineer (Job Ref: 14/REFO)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Logistic Coordinators (Job Ref: 14/LGCC)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Scientific Officers (Job Ref: 14/RHSO) Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Registered Nurses (Job Ref: 14/RHRN)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Receptionist / Administrators (Job Ref: 14/RHRA)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Quality Manager (Job Ref: 14/RHQM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Phlebotomists (Job Ref: 14/RHPL) Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Nurse Manager (Job Ref: 14/RHNM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Medical Sales Representative UK & Ireland (Job Ref: 14/RHMR)UK & Ireland
Marketing Executive (Job Ref: 14/RHME) Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Lead Nurse (Job Ref: 14/RHLN)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Pricing Analyst (Job Ref: 14/PATS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Trainee Business Development Executive with a focus on Supply Chain Negotiation (Job Ref: 14/TBDS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Cattle & Sheep Stockman (Job Ref: 14/STMS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
In House Solicitor /Contract Negotiator (Job Ref: 14/IHSS)London, UK
Production Planner (Job Ref: 14/PPMS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Formulation Technologist (Job Ref: 14/LFTA)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
International Sales Trainer (Job Ref: 14/STPJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Accounts Payable Manager (Job Ref: 14/FAPM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Technical Support Specialist (Job Ref: 14/TSCS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
In House Solicitor /Contract Negotiator (Job Ref: 14/IHSS)London, UK
Machine Operator – Day & Night shifts available (Job Ref: 14/MOFS)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Phlebotomist (Job Ref: 14/PTRH)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Expeditor (Job Ref: 14/EXJU)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Nurse (Job Ref: 14/RNRH)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Buyers (Job Ref: 14/BYSE)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
In House Solicitor (Job Ref: 14/LAJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Senior Buyer(s) (Job Ref:14/SBSE)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Buyer (Job Ref: 14/BYRT)Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Expeditor (Job Ref: 14/EXSE)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Receptionist (Job Ref: 14/RADS) Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Chemist (Job Ref: 14/CHDJ)Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Manufacturing Process Engineer (Job Ref: 14/LPES)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
C++ Software Developers (Job Ref: 14/SDPM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Mathematicians (Job Ref: MATM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
C# Software Developers (Job Ref: 14/SDSM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland & Dungloe, Co. Donegal
Physicist - CCD Camera (Job Ref: 14/PHCM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Chemist (Job Ref: 14/CHEM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Software Test Engineers (Job Ref: 14/STEJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Software Developer (Job Ref: 14/SDAM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Mechanical Design Engineers (Job Ref: 14/MDEJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland & Dungloe, Co. Donegal
Scientists (Job Ref: 14/LSFM)Crumlin, Northern Ireland
Life Scientist (Job Ref: 14/LSDM)Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Embedded Software Engineers (Job Ref: 14/ESEJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland & Dungloe, Co. Donegal
Electrical & Electronic Design Engineers (Job Ref: 14/EDEJ)Crumlin, Northern Ireland


Sales Executive - Texas (Job Ref: 14I/STXT)Texas, USA
Sales Executives - Los Angeles (Job Ref: 14I/SELA)Los Angeles, USA
Sales Executives (Job Ref: 14I/SPRX)Krakow, Poland
Sales Executives - Chicago (Job Ref: 14I/SCHM )Chicago, USA
Sales Executive - Texas (Job Ref: 14I/RSTM)Texas, USA
Sales Executives - San Francisco (Job Ref: 14I/SFRX)San Francisco, USA
Sales Executives - Austin (Job Ref: 14I/ATRX)Austin, USA
Sales Executives - San Diego (Job Ref: 14I/SDRX)San Diego, USA
Sales Executives - Philadelphia (Job Ref: 14I/PHRX)Philadelphia, USA
Sales Executive – New York/New Jersey (Job Ref: 14I/SJNJ)New York/ New Jersey, USA
US Technical Support Team Leader (Job Ref: 14/TSTL)USA