Randox Celebrates Success at Global Sales Conference in Templepatrick

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Randox employees gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Templepatrick from 4th to 8th of July for their Global Sales Conference. The conference was aimed at celebrating the hard work and dedication of Randox employees in addition to providing a chance for team building and enhanced product training. The week was a great success with critical sales information being discussed on existing products but also on exciting new products set to launch later this year. Through these product focused workshops and interactive sessions (including case studies and market success stories) the company is sure to benefit from the experience!

Inclusive of 130 Randox sales representatives from across 23 different countries, the sales conference was a multi-cultural experience with employees from the UK and Ireland, USA, Australia, China, France, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, the UAE, India, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Vietnam. To mark the diversity of the Randox team a series of presentations were given in the native language of Randox’s international employees; this really highlighted the global presence of Randox and enhanced the pride of Randox staff. This was further heightened by Dr Peter FitzGerald’s announcement of Randox hitting £1 billion of sales since inception.

Pride wasn’t the only factor adding to the motivation of Randox employees during the week. With the conference consisting of team briefings, training sessions and team building activities, Randox employees were boosted with a sense of support. These sessions focused on increasing their knowledge of current products, in addition to providing insight into new products which are soon to be released.

Speaking about these sessions, Global Marketing Manager, Eamon Lenehan said;

“It was fantastic to see so many of our sales teams, from across the world, in one place. It really highlighted the scale and reach of our business as a global company. The interactive sessions nurtured a sense of teamwork and debate across all product groups. The focus on unique selling points and key sales strategies for existing and exciting new products will enable our sales teams to reach and exceed their goals.”

Following this Global Marketing Manager, Stuart Penrose said;

“The interactive nature of our sessions really sang through; the main one being a “Master Mind” session that had a Magnus and 5 sales reps on the panels, all answering multiple choice questions and generating great debate amongst the team.”

All Randox divisions made an appearance from the Reagents, Quality Control and RX series clinical product divisions to Randox Biosciences, Food Diagnostics, Testing Services and Toxicology teams. To end the eventful week Randox employees were treated to a Gala dinner which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!