Randox puts British Biotechnology on World Map with New Randox Science Park

Home - Randox puts British Biotechnology on World Map with New Randox Science Park
  •  £161m investment including £29m capital project and creation of 540 jobs
  • Next generation medical diagnostics manufacturing facility
  • World leading R&D into conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, STIs, aspirin resistance, sepsis and respiratory infections

“This investment and expansion reinforces our dedication to improving health worldwide…”

Global medical diagnostics company Randox, has unveiled its plans for a futuristic manufacturing and R&D facility in the UK. The £161 million project, which includes a £29 million capital investment for the redevelopment of the site, will accelerate the development of new products into a wide range of clinical needs, such as various cancers, stroke, heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders, through more efficient, high specification manufacturing and the provision of state-of-the-art R&D laboratories. 

Randox leads in the research, development and manufacture of pioneering medical tests and cutting edge diagnostic equipment, with customers in clinical, toxicology, veterinary and food safety markets in more than 145 countries.

The award-winning biotechnology firm, with headquarters in Crumlin, County Antrim, recently purchased the former British Army base at Massereene, in Antrim town, which will be redeveloped to house the new centre of manufacturing and R&D, now renamed, Randox Science Park. 

Randox Science Park will become the company’s prime manufacturing site, complementary to its manufacturing operations in Manchester, Republic of Ireland, India and the USA. Randox has a range of more than 2000 products, including advanced diagnostic tests, quality control sera, analysers and the company’s revolutionary BioChip Array Technology; many of which will be produced at this next generation facility.

This considerable investment will also lead to the creation of 540 high value job opportunities, over the next four years.

In addition, the site will feature a Transformative Healthcare Centre from the Randox Health division; giving the public direct access to Randox’s ground-breaking tests, as well as offering private GP appointments and specialist clinics, run by some of the UK’s chief medical consultants.

At a launch event today, Randox showcased its plans for Randox Science Park. Guests including Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Peter Robinson, Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness and Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster, were briefed on the company’s impact on global health and vision for the future.

Speaking at the event, Randox Managing Director, Dr Peter FitzGerald said: 

“The creation of Randox Science Park is fundamental to Randox meeting the health challenges facing populations across the world. We are an innovation led company, focusing more than 30 years of skills and experience on delivering accurate, rapid and quality diagnostics across a range of clinical disciplines; from stroke and heart disease, to cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, respiratory infections and so on. We must continue innovating, through our people, through our knowledge and through our technology; Randox Science Park gives us the platform we need to do this.

“Randox innovation underpins our achievements, allows us to diversify, allows us to target fresh markets and fuels our exports and Randox Science Park will be at its core. This investment and expansion reinforces our dedication to improving health worldwide and our commitment to the UK economy. It is about the future of diagnostic medicine, we are beginning 2015 as we mean to continue.”

The expansion includes the creation of manufacturing, scientific and engineering opportunities on a major scale, as well as business support posts; the investment will also grow Randox’s sales and marketing capabilities. In addition, the 540 new jobs, with an average salary of £30k per year will generate £16.2 million in annual salaries, representing a significant boost to the UK economy. 

The company said it was already engaging with universities across the UK, to access high calibre graduates for the world class opportunities at Randox Science Park.

Regional development agency, Invest Northern Ireland is supporting the £29m Randox capital redevelopment of the site, with an investment of £4.7 million.