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Biomedical Science Day 2023

This 8th June, Randox is celebrating Biomedical Science Day and our vital role in pro-active healthcare through our Randox Health Clinics.

Biomedical Science Day celebrates the vital role biomedical scientists play in patient care through the diagnosis of infections and diseases. It is a national event organized by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), the professional body for biomedical scientists and laboratory support staff. The awareness day aims to inform the public and empower patients by telling them about practices in biomedical science and celebrating a profession that is #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare.

Biomedical science is practiced in healthcare laboratories to identify, research, monitor and treat diseases. As one of the broadest areas of modern science, it focuses on the complexity of the human body and underpins much of modern medicine.

Here at Randox we continuously celebrate all our laboratory staff on a global scale – our team consists of over 650 research scientists and engineers who work in four jurisdictions across three continents!

For over forty years, Randox laboratory staff have been contributing to our work in preventative healthcare and research into diagnostics.

Randox has many departments which all work collectively to produce results. Our laboratory and R&D scientists are continuously researching new biomarker discovery. With a driven commitment to improving health worldwide, Randox reinvest up to 25% of turnover into developing disruptive innovations in diagnostics and healthcare – providing earlier diagnosis, prognosis, and improved patient risk to reduce current invasive diagnostic methods.

“Here at Randox we are using cutting edge Research and Technologies with the aim of making a difference in the field of Clinical Diagnostics and preventative healthcare.”

– Dr. Sarah Gildea, Senior R&D Scientist at Randox Teoranta 

Randox Equine Awards NI 2022

Randox Congratulates Manor Equine Vets on winning Best Vet Practice Equine Award 2022

Randox would like to congratulate Manor Equine Vets on winning the Best Vet Practise award at the Randox Equine Awards NI 2022. The Best Veterinary Practise category also included a highly commended award for Oldstone Veterinary Clinic.

Quirine Tettelaar, owner of Manor Equine Vets said “I was very happy to win the award and it was a big surprise! I would like to thank all my lovely clients, friends, and family for their support over the last couple years since starting my business. Hard work and dedication really pays off. It was lovely to read all the comments people left to vote, that was the best part of the awards! I feel really appreciated.”

This event was hosted by Raymond Bready and held at the Titanic Hotel Belfast on Saturday 25th June 2022.

With over 400 guests attending, Randox highlighted the new VeraSTAT-V test which detects the earliest signs of inflammation in horse blood. This stable side test is easy to use and provides quantitative results in six minutes.

Randox testing allows for a healthy horse and healthy rider.

Manor Equine Vets, Quirine Tettelaar and Randox’s Connor Gallagher Celebrate Best Vet Award at The Randox Equine Awards NI 2022

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Biomedical Science Day 2022

Th17 Biochip Array Banner

Biomedical Science Day 2022

Biomedical Science Day is taking place this year on Thursday 9th June 2022. This is an annual celebration to increase the awareness of Biomedical Science and to promote to the public the importance of it.

Biomedical scientists play a key role in diagnosis, quality development and assurance, treatment, research, and development in the modern medical sciences. To celebrate and give recognition we have interviewed one of our RCLS clinical deputy managers, Jayme Hamilton.


This is what Jayme has to say about his role in Biomedical Science:



1. What attracted you to pursue a career in biomedical science?

My degree was in Biological Sciences with Professional Studies. Through it, I was able to design my degree based in my own interests and curiosities, which drew me to exploring the molecular and chemical pathways that elicit biological pathways and also how biotechnology is opening up a future to personalised health and therapies. What I find interesting it how a complete complement of biomarkers needs to be assessed to offer a full illustration of what’s going on under the skin.

2. How many different labs have you worked in?

I have been fortunate to work within several Laboratories to some capacity early in my career. I had a very fulfilling placement within a Method Development and Validation lab at a pharmaceutical company, as well as completing a challenging honours project in population genetics in my final year of university.  Since joining Randox, I have had opportunities to work across several Clinical and Molecular Laboratories with talented colleagues from all sorts of backgrounds; within Liverpool and London in England, Holywood and Antrim in N. Ireland and Los Angeles in California.


3. Do you enjoy the practical or theoretical aspect of biomedical science?

Theoretical- I have a drive to learn and understand and thankfully in science that is a continuous journey, as new forms of diagnostics and analysis are born and our understanding can grow or even change.  With a good understanding of the science and a multidisciplinary team of talented individuals to collaborate with, it makes executing the practical work all the more rewarding.


4. What is your favourite part of your day in work?

The end of the day -but not why you might think. I have been trying to be more reflective and as the start of the day can be very busy and hands on, I have found it helpful to review my workload and responsibilities, as well as that of those I help lead, at the end of the day; to better look ahead to tomorrow and acknowledge the efforts of the team.


5. What’s in your lab coat pocket?

Pens, markers, and more pens. My favourite being my engineering pen, with a torch and stylus included.  Thankfully we push for a more paperless world, but a busy lab can need some quick notes to be made. I’m also a very visual person and find it easiest to communicate to colleagues with notes or even a quick sketch.


6. In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of laboratory work?

The results we release. Fundamentally the data we release it for the benefit to the individual they deprived from. By stringently monitoring our quality checks and adhering to the procedures and processes we implement, we can have confidence that the results we release have a high level qualitative and interpretive value.


7. In what ways does your work make a difference to people’s lives?

At a personal level, as a clinical deputy manager I aim to optimise and evolve the duties of the colleagues I work with to make their jobs easier and more fulfilling and by extension the functionality of the lab more efficient.

In doing so, I broadly think the work we are doing as a collective, is bringing personalised testing to the masses and in doing so, add to improving the public’s understanding of science, in such that they can begin to take their health into their own hands in a measurable and meaningful way.


8. What is your dream career within biomedical science?

Living the dream. So far in my career I have been able to learn and develop within a profession that aligns with my interests, whilst simultaneously contributing to expanding and exciting industry. Throughout which I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many fantastic, talented, intelligent and hardworking people, from an array of disciplines, during the growth of a impressive clinical testing service as well as a nationwide covid testing service.





Jayme is a fundamental member of Randox and plays an essential role in the team, as do all our employees. Without our valuable laboratory team working extremely hard behind the scenes the lifesaving work we do here at Randox would not be possible. We thank each one of you for your hard work every day.

To find out more about our Biomedical Science, contact us at


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Randox Academy will ensure Ulster University Biomedical students don’t miss out on COVID-hit lab sessions

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Tuesday 29 June 2021

Randox Academy will ensure Ulster University Biomedical students don’t miss out on COVID-hit lab sessions

Global diagnostics company Randox Laboratories is this summer hosting a Student Training Academy for Ulster University Biomedical Science students who have been unable to complete practical laboratory classes due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being held at the company’s headquarters, the Randox Science Park in Antrim, each rotation of the Biomedical Science Student Training Academy for Key Laboratory skills takes place over 2 weeks to cover key laboratory techniques and technologies, as well as industry standard practices and employability skills.

Modules range from Chromatography and Spectrophotometers to Robotics, PPE Awareness and PCR, the testing method currently employed by Randox’s team of COVID-19 scientists to detect the virus for the UK’s National Testing Programme.

Elizabeth Ferguson, Randox Training Specialist commented;

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on all of us, and particularly on Biomedical Science Students who during the 2020/21 academic year were unable to experience the hands-on lab practicals they would usually be afforded during their studies at Ulster University.

“We have enjoyed a long-standing and successful partnership with Ulster University for many years, including but not limited to our university-wide sports sponsorship and the recently announced Randox Professor of Medicine post, and are delighted that our collaboration with this renowned university has grown further in the form of this Randox Student Academy.

“We are proud to be able to offer Ulster University students the chance to gain practical lab experience in a world-leading life sciences company and pleased that our first group of students so thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the programme.”

Dr. Valerie Hinch, Course Director for the BSc Hons Biomedical Science programmes at Ulster University’s Coleraine campus said;

“The School of Biomedical Sciences is delighted to partner with Randox Laboratories to provide this important learning experience for our students. The work experience and practical skills they have gained will be invaluable to them as they continue their studies and target a career in the Life Science industry.

“This training will help us to inspire a new generation of scientists who can make a real impact on healthcare in our society, with benefits for researchers, clinicians and patients alike.”

Coleraine-based Ulster University Biomedical Science Student Aimee Stitt, who won the Randox Training Academy “Stellar Student” Award at the June session, added;

“I’ve always had such a keen interest in science, and so I was really excited for the practical and hands-on elements of my first year of studies of Biomedical Science at Ulster University’s Coleraine campus – but COVID had other ideas!

“As I hadn’t been in a lab for so long I wasn’t really sure what to expect and had forgotten in a way how interesting it is, but the experience of the Randox Student Training Academy exceeded all my expectations and reignited my passion for science. I’m so grateful to the team at Randox for giving us the opportunity to not only gain key lab skills, but also to meet real-life scientists and to learn from them and ask them for advice about what it’s like to work in the industry.

“I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get an insight into the Randox COVID-19 labs, and it was the icing on the cake, at the end of an incredibly enjoyable two weeks, to win the Stellar Student award. Thank you Randox and Ulster University for a very rewarding experience which has made me so excited for what is up ahead – at university and in my career as a scientist.”

Ulster University Biology Student Tom Prokop, who won the Randox Training Academy “Stellar Student” Award at the September session, added;

“The most enjoyable part was probably just going inside the labs because obviously we have not experienced this before. It was insightful seeing the full process of Covid testing. The only time I have seen something like this before has been in the movies. It was very enjoyable.

“I have gained a lot of experience from using various equipment and developing essential lab skills like pipetting techniques. This experience will be great for my CV as I now have experience in a real life lab and have learnt a lot.”

The first rotation of the Randox Student Training Academy took place from Monday 14th – Friday 25th June, with the second session from 6th – 17th September 2021.


For press enquiries please contact Amy Millar in the Randox PR team on or 028 9442 2413

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We Are Randox | Tech Trailblazer Margaret Le Roux


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18 March 2020

Tech Trailblazers: Margaret Le Roux

Tech Trailblazers: Margaret Le Roux

Sync NI, in celebration of Women in Tech, recently spoke with our IT Operations Team Leader Margaret.

Read on as Margaret share’s her typical day, the favourite thing about her job, and how her specialist role at Randox combines a degree in Biomedical Science with a passion for software development.

Name: Margaret Le Roux

Role: IT Operations Team Leader, Randox Laboratories


I graduated from the University of Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe), as a Biomedical Scientist in 1980. My career in South Africa was then predominantly in the clinical laboratory medicine field, and I qualified as a Technical Assessor for clinical laboratories through the South African National Accreditation System. I moved to Belfast in 2014 and started work with Randox.

What does your typical day look like?

I work in an IT Operations role bridging our science and quality control software, which assesses the accuracy and reliability of blood tests, and the machines they are run on, in the likes of hospitals, laboratories, and veterinary clinics. On a typical day, I deal with customer queries about this software, troubleshoot the issues, and drive new developments to improve our systems and applications. I also spend time training Randox staff, mentoring some of my junior colleagues, and speaking at Biomedical Science Conferences to educate others in the industry about the importance of quality control software.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the specification for our external quality assessment software, which involves a mock blood sample being run in a laboratory’s analyser, and the result being sent back to Randox so that we can independently check that it is performing correctly.

I have also been working on the software project that saw Randox win ‘Project Team of the Year’ at the 2019 Belfast Telegraph IT Awards. This cloud-based quality control technology was specifically designed for ‘Point of Care’ machines which provide finger prick blood tests for conditions like heart disease and diabetes, in pharmacies, GP surgeries and A&E departments.

Did you always want to work in the tech industry?

I have been very lucky that my specialist role at Randox combines my degree in Biomedical Science, and my experience in QC, with my passion for software development. In South Africa, I worked as a Quality Officer for a large private laboratory, with 3 main laboratories and over 100 peripheral sites across 10 African countries. The management of quality control data was a huge job and as such I became interested in a software program that could assist the lab with this task.

What inspired you to join Randox in particular?

Whilst working in South Africa, I was one of Randox’s customers, and made extensive use of their quality control products. Randox has always had a very good reputation in South Africa so when I moved to Belfast it was a natural choice for me.

What’s your favourite part about your work?

It’s a great feeling when we introduce a new release to our software and you know that the customers are going to benefit from it.

What would you say to other people considering a job in the tech industry?

A job in the tech industry is simultaneously exciting and challenging, as each day brings something new. You will continually be making improvements and striving to make something better, which is a good work ethic. It’s really satisfying when you are part of a team which develops a software program that is so well accepted in the market and useful to the customer.

How do you see this technology impacting on our lives?

The technology industry is so fluid and moving at such a fast pace, and there are developments across all industries which are making our lives easier. At Randox in particular, our software is helping a range of healthcare professionals – whether laboratory technicians, clinicians or veterinarians – to achieve our shared goal of saving and improving the lives of patients. It’s rewarding to know we are making a difference.

Who inspired you to work in this field?

In the field of Quality Control, I was inspired by Dr Pandelani Rambau, a Clinical Pathologist from Johannesburg. In IT, it was a colleague Sean Dicks who showed me that there is always a way to get a program to do what you need it to do.

What do you consider to be the most important tech innovation or development in recent years?

The development of communication devices has been incredibly important. They open up the whole world to us and we can access things, both socially and for education, that previously were only available to a few. They have brought so much information to our fingertips.

What tech gadget could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without my phone, because it is so much more than just a phone. It holds all the important things that make up my life, like messages, memories, and my calendar.

To find out more about Randox IT and the vacancies we have in the team, please email 

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