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Coagulation Quality Control

Therapeutic Drug Quality Control

The Randox Acusera Coagulation Quality Control covers 16 analytes in total including a wide variety of factor assays, basic coagulation and thrombophilia parameters. As an assayed control instrument and method specific target values and ranges are provided.

Features & Benefits

  • Lyophilised for enhanced stability
  • 100% human plasma
  • Assayed target values provided for 16 analytes
  • Stable to expiry date at 2°C – 8°C
  • Reconstituted stability of up to 24 hours at 2°C – 8°C
DescriptionSizeAnalytesCat No
Coagulation Control Level 112 x 1ml16CG5021
Coagulation Control level 212 x 1ml16CG5022
Coagulation Control Level 312 x 1ml16CG5023


  • Prothrombin Time
  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
  • Thrombin Time
  • Fibrinogen
  • Antithrombin III
  • Factor II
  • Factor V
  • Factor VII
  • Factor VIII
  • Factor IX
  • Factor X
  • Factor XI
  • Factor XII
  • Plasminogen
  • Protein C
  • Protein S