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We Are Randox | Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Week 2022 with Kane McIlroy


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Did you know that 7th – 11th February 2022 marks Apprenticeship Week in Northern Ireland?

The initiative from the Department for the Economy offers an opportunity through a dedicated week of events and promotional activity to demonstrate how apprenticeships work for individuals, business, communities and the wider economy.

To mark the week, we spoke to one of our Randox apprentices, Kane McIlroy, to find out more about his role, what he enjoys about the apprenticeship, and his advice for young people considering a career in software engineering.

Name: Kane McIlroy

Job: Software Engineering Apprentice

Department: Randox Engineering

Kane, what are the main duties of your role?

My current role is a Software Developer in the Randox Engineering R&D department. I have a keen interest in software development and in my role, I have had the opportunity to use various programming techniques. I work as part of a software team in which I write code and collaborate with others to create intuitive, responsive applications that allow users to interact with the Randox testing machines.

What and where you studied and why you chose the apprenticeship route?

I am enrolled in a Higher-level Apprenticeship with the Northern Regional College in Ballymena, where I am studying a foundation degree in Computer Science alongside my work at Randox. At Cambridge House Grammar School I studied Technology and Design for A-Level and it was during this time that I became very interested in IT.  My interest in technology led me to work in Curry’s Electrical Retail Store where I was very often placed in the computer department due to my interest.  I was trained in the shop’s range of hardware, software, equipment, and products. The Apprenticeship with Randox also gives me the opportunity to earn while I am still learning which is great. It means I have no student debt which is such a bonus!

What top three things you love about your job?

  1. As a Software Developer writing code, you will often be faced with bugs that need fixed. I really enjoy coding and the problem-solving that is involved in trying different ideas to implement the most efficient solution.
  2. I have had the opportunity to work on very exciting projects for a range of different Randox machines. Many of these have involved robotics, which are fascinating to work with as they allow me to implement code that instructs the machines to perform specific physical actions.
  3. Working in a diverse and experienced engineering team gives me the opportunity to continuously learn and challenge myself and this drives me to learn new coding skills.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship route?

I would recommend the apprenticeship route as it is a fantastic opportunity to work, learn, and earn, all at the same time.  You will get hands-on experience in a real job without having to give up your education. Financially an apprenticeship has great benefits as it provides a fully funded education without the burden of student loans.  You gain experience that employers want, which will help with your future career. You also learn directly from experienced individuals working in your chosen industry and have access to their support, which helps you gain the skills and knowledge you require to achieve your goals.  If the apprenticeship role is something you’re interested in and are passionate about, I would highly recommend it as an excellent career path!


We are delighted to have Kane with us at Randox as part of our Apprenticeship Scheme. 

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For further information about Apprenticeships at Randox please email or phone 028 9442 2413.


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We Are Randox | How Ciara Taylor became R&D Team Leader at Randox

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10 June 2020

How Ciara Taylor became R&D Team Leader at Randox


We Are Randox | How Ciara Taylor became Clinical Immunoassay R&D Team Leader at Randox

In support of our new £30m COVID-19 laboratories, we are hiring 200 new staff across Engineering, Manufacturing and Science.

For an idea of what it’s like to be a scientist at Randox, we spoke to R&D Team Leader Ciara Taylor.

Ciara spoke to us about the route she took to her current role, what advice she would give someone following a similar career path, and what makes her job so important.

Name: Ciara Taylor

Job Title: R&D Team Leader

Department: Clinical Immunoassay R&D


Ciara, can you give us a quick summary of what your job entails?

Our team works on the research and development of new clinical diagnostic tests for a variety of common health conditions, such as heart disease.  We carefully design and execute laboratory experiments to ensure our tests perform at an exceptionally high level for hospitals and laboratories around the world.   

What did you study and where?

I studied a four-year integrated Chemical Engineering Masters degree at Queen’s University Belfast.  It was an ideal choice for me as it encompassed areas of the subjects I had enjoyed at school; Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths. I gained a lot of experience in research during my final year industrial project.

Ciara Taylor

Give a brief outline of your career to date

I finished my university degree in 2016.  I worked for an Engineering consultancy firm for 6 months, and then spent some time travelling before joining Randox in October 2017. In my first year I spent time learning about the science behind immunoassay development and how to apply to our research work.  At the end of 2018, I was promoted to Research and Development (R&D) Team Leader, giving me more responsibility over the training of staff, and the progress of new projects, from initial concept and feasibility to product validation. I have also had the opportunity to travel and represent the company in conferences, events and career days. 

Is this what you always wanted to do?

When I was younger I honestly had no idea what my ideal job would be.  I simply knew that I wanted a dynamic role that involved working with people on challenging and interesting projects, which is exactly what I have here at Randox.  I love the variety and opportunity that a global company like Randox offers as we are always trying to evolve and keep up with the latest industry demand. Currently every department is working together to process large-scale testing for COVID-19, as part of the government’s national testing programme.

Were there any particular essential qualifications or experience needed?

We have people of varying degree backgrounds in our team including Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biomedical, Biological or Pharmaceutical Sciences. Experience in a similar R&D capacity is also helpful, though we offer full training to those who may have little experience specifically in diagnostics, but who possess a general science background. 

Are there alternative routes into the job?

Whilst I joined Randox as a graduate R&D scientist following university, there are other routes available. Some of my colleagues began their careers by doing a placement year with Randox or by taking part in our Graduate Programme, in which graduates rotate across different areas of the business to find a job best suited to their skills and interests.  Also available as an option is the Randox APEX scheme, which gives first year university students a summer and a third-year placement, and a job offer upon graduating.  Naturally we also have a lot of PhD graduates join R&D, as they are ideal candidates for conducting research.  Another route, if you don’t have the A-Levels for a university degree, is to go to a Technical College and gain an equivalent qualification in a science discipline.  This could lead to a placement opportunity and later job with Randox.

What are the best and most challenging aspects of the job?

The best part of working in Randox is the people you work with. We work very collaboratively across different departments, and our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so I am constantly learning from everyone around me and bouncing ideas off different people with different skillsets.

The most challenging aspect is the same in every R&D role – sometimes the initial feasibility experiments just don’t give the results you had expected.  The rewarding part lies in solving the problem and making a breakthrough in your research project.

Why is what you do important?

The development of clinical diagnostic tests has a direct impact on the quality of healthcare that people receive around the world.  It is rewarding to be part of a global company that is trying to improve people’s lives by providing a more personalised diagnosis using the tests we develop.  As a company, Randox is continually investing money into the research of novel clinical biomarkers and testing platforms, showing its commitment to the improvement of diagnostics and ultimately, patient outcomes.

What advice would you give anyone looking to follow a similar career path?

If you are interested in R&D, keep your options and searches open.  I didn’t know how much I would enjoy clinical R&D until I started at Randox.  It makes a difference when you are genuinely interested and take pleasure in the work you do.  Previous lab experience is ideal, so I would recommend trying to do a placement or getting some relevant work experience, especially if your degree doesn’t include much practical lab work. 

If you weren’t working in Clinical Immunoassay R&D what would you like to do?

I would still love to be in a research role, perhaps in renewable or clean energy sources.

Describe your ideal day off

My ideal day off involves exercise or eating! I would go for a swim, yoga or a long walk, and then go out for dinner. I love trying new restaurants.

We are delighted to have Ciara with us at Randox as part of our incredibly talented R&D team.


For current vacancies at Randox please visit

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For further information please email or phone 028 9442 2413.

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We Are Randox | How James Davidson became a Mechanical Design Engineer at Randox


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04 June 2020

How James Davidson became a Mechanical Design Engineer at Randox


We Are Randox | How James Davidson became a Mechanical Design Engineer at Randox

At the beginning of April we announced we are recruiting mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers to enhance our capacity for COVID-19 testing. The engineers will be involved in the fast-tracked development of specialist molecular analysers used to detect the presence of COVID-19.

For an idea of what it’s like to work in engineering at Randox, we spoke to Mechanical Design Engineer James Davidson.

James spoke to us about the route he took to his current role, the best and most challenging things about his job, and how he likes to spend his well-deserved time off.

Name: James Davidson

Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer and Project Coordinator

Department: Engineering


James, can you give us a quick summary of what your job entails? 

My main responsibilities are designing new medical testing analysers, updating and developing our existing machines and conducting troubleshooting to make sure that they are performing correctly. I also train new and existing staff on Randox technologies.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I really enjoyed Maths at school, for the challenge of being able to solve a logical problem and get to the correct conclusion by the end of your working out.

What was the route you took into your job?

My A-levels didn’t go to plan at school and I found myself in a difficult situation where I didn’t have the grades to go to university as I had planned.

James Davidson

I subsequently went along to an information evening at the Northern Regional College in Ballymena where I found out about the Higher National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering, which really appealed to me and suited my interests. I knew straight away that it’s what I wanted to do so I started the course a week after that and really enjoyed it. Completion of the HND opened the door to enroll in a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, where I graduated with a 2:1 in 2012. I secured a placement at Randox in 2010 as part of this degree course which ultimately led me to the role that I am currently in.

Give a brief outline of your career to date

The year-long placement I did at Randox taught me a lot. I enjoyed it so much that I came back to Randox after my degree and have been here since! Throughout my time in Randox I have worked on different projects that have each been at different design stages – from concept right through to market release. I was promoted to Project Coordinator in 2016 and placed in charge of a small team of mechanical engineers. In this role I plan new work for each member of the team, review designs and provide assistance if required. I love being part of the Engineering team at Randox. It’s a really creative environment and we all work collaboratively together – bouncing ideas off each other and supporting each other when needed.

Is this what you always wanted to do?

I have always had an interest in how things work so a career in engineering was a natural progression for me. The world is constantly changing with new innovations and solutions to better people’s lives and I’m happy to be involved in an area of engineering that is bettering such a key part of people’s lives – their health.

Are there alternative routes into the job?

There are several potential routes to becoming a mechanical design engineer. Whilst I didn’t take the traditional route to become a design engineer – completing A-levels and then going to university – this would be the most common option. Alternatively, you can do what I did and study an HND before then getting a degree. Experienced engineers with a Higher National Certificate/Diploma could also be considered for the role.

What are the main personal skills your job requires?

For a mechanical design engineer the main essential skills would be an ability to work as part of a team, the ability to problem solve, knowledge of manufacturing processes and a flair for design. The ability to work under pressure and a high attention to detail are useful skills to have as well.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It might sound cliché, but every day is different! Up until earlier this year I was part of a product development team who design machines for a range of clinical conditions. More recently I have been involved in the design and development of a specialist COVID-19 testing system that will dramatically increase our capacity to process samples.

What are the best and most challenging aspects of the job?

It is simultaneously gratifying and challenging to experience the full cycle of project development from start through to finish. It requires quite a lot of patience.

Why is what you do important?

By guaranteeing that diagnostic machines are performing correctly, I am essentially making sure that patients across the globe are getting the correct medical diagnosis and follow-up treatment. These machines are life-saving devices.

If you weren’t a Mechanical Design Engineer what would you like to do?

My dad and brother own a garage so I think I would be working as a mechanic with them. It would harness the same skills and interests as my current role! I have also considered the possibility of being a teacher.

Describe your ideal day off.

I enjoy water skiing so on my days off, if the weather is good, I like to go out on the water. It’s a great way to blow off some steam.

And finally, what’s the key to any successful job search?

My advice to anyone currently looking for a job would be to find something with a lot of variety. You don’t want to be doing the same thing over and over again and you need to keep things interesting. I’m proud to say that my job at Randox has held my interest for the best part of a decade!

We are delighted to have James with us at Randox as part of our incredibly talented engineering team.


For current vacancies at Randox please visit

For more We Are Randox stories about our amazing colleagues, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow the hashtag #WeAreRandox.

For further information please email or phone 028 9442 2413.

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Randox calls upon NI engineers to build COVID-19 testing platforms


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05 April 2020

COVID-19 Engineering Recruitment Drive



Randox Laboratories has today announced it is recruiting 160 mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers to enhance its capacity for COVID-19 testing.

 The engineers, who are due to begin work at the Randox Science Park from the middle of May, will be involved in the fast-tracked development of specialist molecular analysers used to detect the presence of COVID-19.

These testing platforms will be used to further enhance the government’s national testing scheme for key workers, as well as to facilitate testing more broadly across the general populace.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Laboratories, commented;

“It is Randox’s priority to ensure that we support the UK’s effort to fight COVID-19, by testing at scale. We know that this is the most effective way to both save lives and promote a timely return to a more normal society.

“We continue to ramp up our COVID-19 testing capabilities – not only by increasing our production of testing kits, but also by accelerating the build schedule for the testing analysers on which the tests are performed.

“We are aiming, by working at maximum efficiency in a greatly accelerated time frame of 6-7 weeks, to manufacture 200 of our most state-of-the-art testing platforms, which will greatly enhance our testing capacity at Randox.”

Randox has, in recent weeks, established a number of new teams responsible for the development, manufacturing and distribution of COVID-19 testing kits for the national testing programme.

The company is also interested in speaking to anyone with experience in mechanical, electrical or manufacturing engineering. Invest Northern Ireland is helping by contacting companies which may be able to temporarily release resources to help meet this urgent staffing requirement.

Dr FitzGerald added;

“To meet the unprecedented demand for COVID-19 testing, we have been redeploying our own personnel to various COVID-19 critical departments, but are now also recruiting for a number of specialist disciplines.

“Everyone at Randox has a vital role to play in the practical application of COVID-19 testing, and for engineers in particular, this is a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the fight against COVID-19, by directly contributing in no small part to the national testing programme.”

Anyone interested in the Randox COVID-19 Engineering Drive should apply at

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World-leading biotechnology hub opens its doors to the public on Christmas Eve


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01 December 2019

Randox Teoranta Open Day in Dungloe

A global biotechnology company in the heart of Donegal is this month opening its doors to the general public for an Open Day event aimed at showcasing the pioneering scientific research taking place.

Including tours, interactive activities and Q&A sessions with scientists, engineers and software developers, the Open Day at Randox Teoranta in Dungloe will offer visitors to the state-of-the-art site the opportunity to experience for themselves the world-class R&D careers, projects and facilities that exist in Donegal.

Projects at Randox Teoranta, which focuses on the development of new health tests for the diagnosis of ill health and disease, have recently included revolutionary diagnostic technologies for Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, kidney disease and gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr. Ciaran Richardson, Head of Research & Development at Randox Teoranta, commented;

“We feel that we should share the transformative work taking place here at Randox Teoranta with the local community who have been so receptive and supportive of our endeavours to provide world-leading career opportunities right here in the heart of Donegal.

“For those working or interested in science, engineering, software development or manufacturing, who may have been previously unaware that there is a next-generation life sciences hub located in Dungloe, we invite you to join us on Christmas Eve for an exclusive look behind the scenes of our advanced facilities.

“Similarly, for those who may have joined us before at one of our previous Open Days, please do visit again to learn about the projects we have been working on over the past year.”

Teoranta Open Day

In addition to those working in human health at Randox Teoranta are veterinary scientists involved in the development of novel multiplex tests used to monitor disease spread and improve animal welfare.

The firm’s human and veterinary health scientists work alongside a dedicated team of software developers and engineers who collaboratively use their talents to design and manufacture machines on which these tests are run, to detect disease and save lives.

Dr Richardson continued;

“Our manufacturing department also boasts a number of innovative roles which are essential to Randox’s continuation as a global leader in healthcare diagnostics and associated technology.

“At Randox Teoranta, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of health diagnostic capabilities, and it all takes place right here in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. The unique combination of a world-leading career coupled with an unrivalled quality of life is second-to-none.”

Randox Teoranta’s Open Morning will take place on Tuesday 24th December 2019 from 9:00 until 12:00 at Randox Teoranta, Meenmore, Dungloe, Co. Donegal, F94 TV06.

Students, graduates and experienced professionals are welcome to visit along with their family and friends. You are welcome to bring your CV on the day or email it to

Booking is not required, however, you can register your interest (optional) on Eventbrite.

More information about the open day can also be found by contacting +353 7495 22600 or emailing

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We Are Randox | QUB and Ulster University Students Take The Top Spots in the Randox Placement Awards 2019

A Queen’s University Belfast student has won the top spot in global healthcare diagnostics company Randox Laboratories’ annual Student Placement Awards.

Pearce Allingham from Andersonstown, who is studying Medicinal Chemistry, was not only placed first in the Science category but was also crowned Best Overall Placement Student.

Since September 2018, Pearce had been working alongside the scientific team in the New Technology Evaluation department, taking part in the development of Randox’s newest and most classified innovations.

Speaking at the awards ceremony at Randox Laboratories HQ in Crumlin on Friday 14th June 2019, Pearce commented,

“I’m so pleased to have won this award. I couldn’t recommend a placement at Randox highly enough and it has allowed me to see what I’m capable of when I apply myself to a field I’m passionate about. From day one I was made to feel like a scientist within the team – not just a placement student – and it’s amazing that some of my contributions are helping to advance Randox’s diagnostic capabilities further. I look forward to applying my new knowledge and skills in final year and to forging a career in research – maybe even back here at Randox.”

Randox Laboratories welcomes over 60 placement students through its doors each year across Science, Engineering and Business-related disciplines, including Sales and Marketing. The company is keen to continue to maintain its reputation as a key placement provider in Northern Ireland, as explained by Linda Magee, Operations Director at Randox Laboratories.

Linda commented;

“We host many high calibre placement students at Randox each year and the Randox Placement Awards is the pinnacle in highlighting the fantastic contribution that these students make. Pearce, in particular, impressed us with his work ethic and initiative in one of Randox’s most cutting-edge R&D teams. Gaining industry experience is vital for young people and that is why we pride ourselves on the range of placement opportunities we provide here, especially through the Randox APEX programme which offers students a paid summer placement between first and second year, a paid placement year in third year and, finally, a graduate position on completion of their degree with a 2:1 classification. It really is the complete career package for any aspiring student.”

David Boyd, a QUB Engineering student from Belfast, won in the Engineering category of the Randox Placement Awards while Andrew Wilson, an Ulster University student from Bangor, was placed first in the Business category.

David Boyd, Engineering Placement Award winner, commented,

“As part of the Engineering team, the opportunities I’ve been given here have been second-to-none and I look forward to completing my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I used to think I would go on to work in the energy sector with renewables and nuclear but my time in Randox has shown me a different industry which I would love to return to.”

Andrew Wilson, Business Placement Award winner, also said,

“Being given the same responsibilities as the rest of your colleagues is a great way to learn quickly as you get immersed in live projects and real business. One of the most interesting aspects for me was the opportunity to travel to Hamburg and Chicago for customer visits and conferences. Dealing with different departments such as manufacturing, finance and logistics, along with my own sales and marketing team, has given me an insight in to the workings of an international company which has been an invaluable experience.”

Randox Placement Awards 2019 results

Business category

1 Andrew Wilson (Marketing, Randox Food Diagnostics), an Ulster University student from Bangor

2 Kathryn Wilson (Sales, Randox Biosciences), an Aberystwyth University student from Larne

3 Adam Donnelly – (Marketing, Randox Corporate), an Ulster University student from Bellaghy

Science category

1 Pearce Allingham (Chemistry), a Queen’s University Belfast student from Andersonstown

2 Rachel McCloy (Biotechnology), a Liverpool John Moore’s University student from Ballymena

3 Thomas Smith-Zaitlik (Molecular), a Nottingham Trent University student from Henley-on-Thames.

Engineering category

1 David Boyd (Engineering Design, Mechanical), a Queen’s University Belfast student from Belfast

2 Reuben Cotton (Engineering Design, Mechanical), an Ulster University student from Lisburn

3 Niall Devlin (Engineering Design, Software)

Overall Randox Placement Awards winner: Pearce Allingham

For further information please contact the Randox PR team by emailing or phoning 028 9442 2413













Randox Teoranta set to host Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Career Open Day on Christmas Eve

Do you have a flair for science? Are you an electronic, mechanical or software engineering expert? Or, perhaps, you are a mastermind of manufacturing know-how. There are world-leading careers on offer for world-leading candidates at Randox Teoranta in Dungloe this December.

That’s the message that global diagnostics firm Randox Teoranta wants to send to students, graduates and experienced professionals alike as it opens its doors to the public once again on Monday 24th December 2018.

Held from 9am to 12noon, the morning is an opportunity for those interested in science, engineering, software development and manufacturing roles in Donegal to have a tour of the state-of-the-art facility and chat with Randox Teoranta staff members about the careers on offer.

Randox Teoranta is particularly passionate about attracting back those who have left Ireland to find careers further afield due to lack of opportunities in their particular vocations. Dream careers in science, engineering and manufacturing are available on the doorstep in Dungloe.

Dr. Ciaran Richardson, Head of Research & Development at Randox Teoranta, commented;

“At Randox Teoranta, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of healthcare and diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to offer world-class career opportunities in the heart of Donegal.

“Our scientists are working on a range of research projects which will lead to quicker diagnoses of conditions such as stroke, gastrointestinal disorders and chronic kidney disease. In 2016, our scientists even developed a pioneering new test to determine a patient’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

“There are also opportunities for software developers, electronic & embedded systems engineers, validation and mechanical engineers as our technology continues to advance to accommode our scientific breakthroughs.

“Our manufacturing department also boasts a number of competitive roles which are essential to Randox Teoranta’s continuation as a world leader in healthcare diagnostics and associated technology.

“There are fantastic career opportunities here in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – and the quality of life is second-to-none.”

There are a wide variety of career opportunities available at Randox Teoranta. From placement opportunities for college and university students to graduate roles in a variety of fields, young scientists and engineers have the opportunity to get their ‘big break’ on the career ladder with a globally-recognised company.

There are also opportunities for experienced and driven individuals looking for a smart career move. Randox Teoranta offer competitive salaries, career progression, personal development and the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge company paving the way in ground-breaking global health diagnostics.

Healthcare shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Neither should your career.

Randox Teoranta’s Open Morning will take place on Monday 24th December 2018 from 9:00 until 12:00 at Randox Teoranta, Meenmore, Dungloe, Co. Donegal.

Students, graduates and experienced professionals are welcome to visit along with their family and friends. Potential candidates are welcome to bring their CV on the day or email it to

Booking is not required, however, more information, including directions, can be found by searching Randox at

More information about the open day can also be found by contacting +353 7495 22600 or emailing



We Are Randox | Digital tourism to sheep dipping – secret of success at Randox Placement Awards

An Ulster University marketing student has won the top spot in global healthcare manufacturer Randox Laboratories’ annual Student Placement Awards.

Matthew Steele from Bushmills fought off stiff competition from fellow placement students in science and engineering programmes by attracting the judges’ attention for the work he carried out within two new and novel ventures taken on by the company.

In recent years, the founder of Randox Laboratories, Dr Peter FitzGerald, has extended his business portfolio to include the Bushmills-based Dundarave Estate and Cherryvalley Farm in Crumlin. Matthew’s focus has been to develop and promote tourism activities at the Estate, such as clay pigeon shooting, as well as Cherryvalley Farm produce. He worked with the company’s IT department and Finance team to complete various projects and created a digital communications strategy.

Additionally, when Matthew was faced with the familiar catch-all that employees may find themselves asked to carry out additional tasks, he won plaudits within the company for stepping in to dip sheep on one occasion!

Speaking after the awards ceremony Matthew commented;

“Placement has been amazing for me and I would encourage everyone to do it. The year has gone so quickly, because you get thrown in straightaway. You’re not seen as a placement student – you’re a member of staff right from the start. This experience has given me so much, widening my business knowledge and teaching me so many new skills. It’s been great.”

Department winners in the engineering and science placement programmes are respectively Ulster University student Dale Love from Ballymena and Jamie Boyd, a Queen’s University Belfast student from Cookstown.

Across the company, 39 university students took part in this year’s placement programme. Lasting 50 weeks, the initiative provides young people with the experience needed to pursue a career in their chosen field.

Linda Magee, Head of Randox Human Resources, commented;

“We are delighted for all our winners in this year’s placement awards. Matthew, in particular, impressed us with creative and successful strategies, and the wholehearted approach he brings to working with us. The Randox Placement Programme is one of our most important initiatives, because gaining industry-experience is now critical for young people. Randox is committed to developing meaningful ways of supporting them, and we are encouraged year after year by the calibre of students who apply to join us.”

For further information about the Randox Placement Awards please contact Randox PR by email: or by phone: 028 9442 2413




Careers at Randox Teoranta



Randox has been a world leader in diagnostics for 40 years, undertaking research, development, manufacture and global distribution of innovative tests for health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and stroke.

In early 2020, based on almost four decades of experience in diagnostic R&D, the company quickly developed tests to accurately identify COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic Randox built, equipped and staffed 80,000sq ft of PCR testing facilities, and 50,000sq ft of supporting logistic and engineering space, and now has amongst the very largest laboratories in Europe.

Randox Teoranta in Dungloe has played an active role in the company’s COVID testing programme. The staff’s contributions across science, software, engineering and manufacturing have led to the completion of almost 25 million gold-standard PCR tests, saving lives and enabling society and the economy to function in the face of a global pandemic.



The Randox Engineering Department designed several innovations to improve the speed and efficiency of COVID-19 testing, including state-of-the-art robotics equipped for sample receipt and batching. As an Engineer it means a lot to have access to the latest technologies that allow us to deploy the best possible solution to a problem. My team at Randox Teoranta specifically developed specialised equipment for the extraction of viral material from patient samples, an improvement in processes which contributed to our labs reaching an unrivalled capacity of 100,000 tests per day. As we move towards a post-pandemic future Randox will be harnessing our COVID laboratory infrastructure for new testing capabilities and I’m eager to begin work on the engineering requirements for Randox’s next generation of diagnostic innovations.



Software played a vital role in the creation of an end-to-end testing process for COVID-19. We were responsible for developing the required software for a number of specialist Randox machines for COVID-19 testing, and also had to produce bespoke systems that would scan and track samples from arrival right through to results reporting. All our projects are done collaboratively with software developers, engineers and testers across different Randox sites, and so it has been a great pleasure to work with a multi-disciplinary team of different backgrounds, interests and ages – whether it be placement students, graduates or longer-standing members of staff. We are all very excited for what’s to come in our field and the upcoming ventures that will allow patients to access a comprehensive report of all their personal health stats.


Manufacturing across all departments increased significantly during the pandemic. We ramped up the production of the Randox Biochip, on which tests are performed, and of our bespoke analysers, which house the Biochip technology. These tests and machines have been shipped to hospitals and laboratories across the world by the Randox Teoranta Logistics team. Over 5% of the world’s population, which is more than 370 million people, receive diagnosis using Randox products and I have loved the opportunity to work for a company which makes such a global impact. With more emphasis on and appreciation of the role testing plays in healthcare services, there is a focus across the manufacturing department to satisfy the increased demand for diagnostic equipment, so 2022 and beyond is shaping up to be a very busy time for our team.


When COVID-19 emerged as a global threat every department in Randox stood up to support the global testing effort.

My team at Randox Teoranta were involved in the research and development for COVID antibody tests that can determine if an individual has an effective immune response to the virus following vaccination or infection. These antibody tests, as well as other COVID-19 testing services, have been made available in our Randox Travel Centres in Dublin, Leopardstown, Sligo, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Letterkenny, providing a reliable service that has allowed people to safely travel for personal, family and business reasons.  It is rewarding to know that the hard work we have put in has had such a massive impact on people’s lives during the pandemic, and that wider society now has an improved understanding of the importance of diagnostics and what we do here.

After COVID, we aim to convert the familiarity with testing across society into the improvement of people’s overall health; using what we have learnt during the pandemic to welcome a new era of truly preventative healthcare that improves patient outcomes and also reduces the burden on our vital clinical services. We have just introduced new home testing kits for vitamin deficiencies, hormone health and heart disease that will empower individuals to find out what’s going on inside their own body and truly take control of their health. It’s a very exciting time to be part of the dynamic world of healthcare diagnostics.



As understanding of the importance of diagnostics grows, so too do the career opportunities in the diagnostics industry, and nowhere more so than Randox Teoranta.

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