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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer


Early Multiplex Detection of Colorectal Cancer from a Single Sample

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    Individualised treatment based on mutational profiling for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients with the discovery of mutant KRAS status and resistance to EGFR antibodies
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    Detection of BRAF V600E mutation aids targeted drug treatment
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    Innovative PCR priming technology permits high discrimination between multiple wild type and mutant DNA regions in the KRAS, BRAF or PIK3CA genes
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    Combination of multiplex PCR and Biochip array hybridisation to enable enhanced specificity


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    Simultaneously detecting 20 point mutations within the KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA genes for rapid patient profiling


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    Suitable for use on the Evidence Investigator, a semi-automated analyser identifying multiple targets in under 3 hours

The Randox KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA Array is based on a combination of multiplex PCR and biochip array hybridization for high discrimination between multiple wild‑type and mutant DNA regions in the KRAS (mutations in codons 12, 13 and 61), BRAF (V600E mutation) and PIK3CA (mutations in codons 542, 545 and 1,047) genes. Providing there are enough copies of DNA present, ~1% of mutants can readily be detected in a background of wild‑type genomic DNA. A unique primer set is designed for each mutation target (and control), which will hybridize to a complementary discrete test region (DTR) on the biochip array. Each DTR corresponds to a particular mutation target.


Mutations Detectable by KRAS/BRAF/PIK3CA Array

MutationBase ChangeCOSMIC ID*
MutationBase ChangeCOSMIC ID*
G12A GGT>GCT 522
G12D GGT>GAT 521
G12C GGT>TGT 516
G12S GGT>AGT 517
G12V GGT>GTT 520
G13C GGC>TGC 527
G13R GGC>CGC 529
Q61R CAA>CGA 552
Q61H1 CAA>CAC 554
Q61H2 CAA>CAT 555
A146T GCA>ACA 19404
A146PGCA>CCA 19905
MutationBase ChangeCOSMIC ID*
E542K GAA>AAA 760
E545K GAG>AAG 763
H1047R CAT>CGT 775

The Evidence Investigator

Meet the Evidence Investigator

The Randox KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA array has been developed for the Evidence Investigator, a semi-automated benchtop immunoassay analyser.

This array simultaneously detects 20 mutation points within the KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA genes. This assay may further aid the selection for CRC patients suitable for EGFR monoclonal antibody therapy. Whilst designed for colorectal cancer, the array has implications for mutation screening in other cancer types.


Evidence Investigator

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Evidence Series – Investigator and Molecular testing

Evidence Investigator | Adaptable, Efficient & Comprehensive

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated benchtop analyser that offers efficient and comprehensive testing across a range of applications including clinical diagnostics, molecular, research, toxicology and food diagnostics.

Renowned for its versatility, robustness and effective reporting methods, the Evidence Investigator has been used in a wide range of laboratory settings for over 15 years. This highly advanced yet simple to use analyser has only one moving part, giving the user peace of mind.

The Evidence Investigator contains a host of innovative on-board data analysis features ensuring manual processes are kept to a minimum.

By utilising the same multiplex technology as the other Evidence Series analysers, the Evidence Investigator can process up to 44 results from a single sample, with a maximum throughput of up to 2376 tests per hour. Offering efficiency without compromising on accuracy, the Evidence Investigator is the perfect fit for medium throughput laboratories seeking maximum use of bench space.

Molecular Testing

Our molecular product range offers diagnostic, prognostic and predictive solutions across a variety of disease areas including sexually transmitted infection (STI), Respiratory tract infection, colorectal cancer, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Additionally, we can provide a wide range of assay formats including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) genotyping, pathogen detection and mutation detection.

Pathogen Detection

STI and Respiratory Arrays

Both arrays detect the most common and frequently requested infections in sexual and respiratory health. These comprehensive, highly sensitive and specific tests enable identification of co-infections simultaneously, often in asymptomatic patients and enable antibiotic stewardship.

Mutation Detection

KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA array and Familial Hypercholesterolemia Arrays I & II

These unique biochip assays permit high discrimination between multiple targets in a number of genes with a rapid turnaround time (3 hours). The arrays enable detection of the most frequently occurring mutations known to cause disease (FH) and adversely affect patient treatment (KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA).  A unique primer set is designed for each target which will hybridise to a complimentary oligo-nucleotide probe spotted on a biochip discrete test region (DTR).

SNP Genotyping

Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Array

This array identifies individuals with a genetic predisposition to coronary heart disease (CHD). The innovative multiplex primers are designed to discriminate DNA sequences which differ only at one base.

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