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The Lyophilised Serum Bone Marker Control is intended for use with in vitro diagnostic assays for the quantitative determination of Procollagen Type 1 N-Terminal Propeptide (P1NP), N-MID Osteocalcin (OC) and Bone Alkaline Phosphatase (B-ALP) in serum samples.

This Lyophilised Serum Bone Marker Control is assayed with target values and is suitable for use on automated analysers.

Features & Benefits

  • – Lyophilised for enhanced stability
  • – True third party control providing an unbiased assessment of performance
  • – Three clinically relevant levels available
  • – Human based serum providing a matrix similar to the patient sample
  • – 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture allowing for long term QC monitoring and a decrease in new lot validation studies
  • – 14- day reconstituted open vial stability applies for PINP and B-ALP helping to keep waste to a minimum, 1-day reconstituted stability for N-MID Osteocalcin
DescriptionSizeAnalytesCat NoContact Us
Bone Makers (Serum) Control Level 1 6 x 2ml3SBM10574
Bone Makers (Serum) Control Level 26 x 2ml3SBM10587
Bone Makers (Serum) Control Level 36 x 2ml3SBM10588


Therapeutic Drug Quality Control


  • – PINP
  • – N-MID Osteocalcin
  • – Bone-ALP

*No claims are made regarding values and stability.