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The RX series offer high quality routine and specialised testing through the most comprehensive dedicated test menu available.

The needs of many laboratory types are met with the extensive test menu covering Clinical, Veterinary, Toxicology, Protein and Research assays. With our extensive test menu and versatile range of analysers, the RX series continues to revolutionise patient testing in a variety of laboratory types including; Clinical Laboratories, University & Research Institutes, Veterinary Laboratories and Food & Wine Laboratories.

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The RX series Extensive Dedicated Test Menu

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  • Veterinary
  • Toxicology
  • Protein
  • Research
  • RX Unique Assays
Cardiac Diabetes
CholesterolDirect HDL CholesterolCholesterolGlycerol
CK-MBDirect LDL CholesterolCreatinine EnzymaticHbA1c/Hb
CK-NACHomocysteineCreatinine (Jaffe)Microalbumin
CRPLipoprotein (a)Cystatin CNEFA (Non-Esterified Fatty Acids)
CRP Full Range(0.3-160mg/l)sdLDLDirect HDL CholesterolRanbut (Hydroxybutyrate)
CRP High SensitivityTriglyceridesDirect LDL CholesterolTotal Protein
GlucoseUrinary Protein
Hepatic Function
AlbuminGlycerol Renal Function
Alkaline PhosphataseIgAAmmoniaLDH
ALTIgGBeta-2 MicroglobulinMagnesium
AST (GOT)Iron (UIBC)ChloridePotassium
Bile AcidsLDHCreatinine EnzymaticSodium
CholinesterasesTfRCreatinine (Jaffe)Phosphorus (Inorganic)
Complement Component 3Total BilirubinCystatin CUrinary Protein
Complement Component 4Total ProteinGlucoseUrea
Direct BilirubinTransferrinHbA1c/HbUric Acid
Gamma GTTransthyretin (Prealbumin)
GLDH Electrolytes
Lipids Chloride (Nondirect)Potassium (Nondirect)
Apolipoprotein A-ICholesterolCO2 TotalSodium (Nondirect)
Apolipoprotein AIIDirect HDL Cholesterol
Apolipoprotein BDirect LDL Cholesterol Basic Metabolic Profile
Apolipoprotein CIILipoprotein (a)CalciumGlucose
Apolipoprotein CIIIsdLDL
CO2 TotalPotassium
Apolipoprotein ETriglyceridesChlorideSodium
Creatinine EnzymaticUrea
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile Creatinine (Jaffe)
AlbuminCreatinine (Jaffe)
Alkaline PhosphataseGlucose Autoimmune
ALTLactateComplement Component 3IgA
AST (GOT)PotassiumComplement Component 4IgE
Direct BilirubinSodiumCRPIgG
CalciumTotal BilirubinCRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)IgM
ChlorideTotal ProteinCRP High SensitivityRheumatoid Factor
CO2 TotalUrea
Creatinine Enzymatic Pancreatic Function
Nutritional Status GlucosePancreatic Amylase
FerritinTIBC Neonatal Screening
Iron (UIBC)Transthyretin (Prealbumin)CRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)Transthyretin (Prealbumin)
CRP High Sensitivity
Haemolytic Anaemia Inflammation & Infection
HaptoglobinCRPRheumatoid Factor
Bone Profile Neurological Disorders (CSF)
Alkaline PhosphatasePhosphorusIgAIgM
CalciumTotal ProteinIgG


AlbuminCholinesterase (Butyryl)Iron (UIBC) Sodium
Alkaline Phosphatase CK-NAC Lactate Total Protein
ALT (GPT)CO2 Total Lactate DehydrogenaseTriglycerides
AldolaseCopper LDLUrea
Ammonia CreatinineLipaseUric Acid
AmylaseCanine CRPMagnesiumUrinary Protein
AST (GOT) CRPNEFA (Non-esterified fatty acids)Zinc
Bile AcidsFructosaminePhosphorus (Inorganic)
BilirubinGamma - GT Potassium
CalciumGLDH Ranbut (Hydroxybutyrate)
ChlorideGlucoseRansel (Glutathione peroxidase)
Cholesterol GlycerolRansod (Superoxide dismutase)
Therapeutic Drugs Speciality / Drugs of Abuse
Valproic Acid
Specific Proteins
Apolipoprotein A-IComplement Component 3HaptoglobinRheumatoid Factor
Apolipoprotein AIIComplement Component 4 HbA1c/HbsTfR
Apolipoprotein BCRPIgATransferrin
Apolipoprotein CIICRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)IgETransthyretin (Prealbumin)
Apolipoprotein CIIICRP High Sensitivity IgG
Apolipoprotein ECystatin CIgM
ASOFerritinLipoprotein (a)
Beta-2 MicroglobulinFructosamineMicroalbumin
AlbuminGlutathione ReductaseTIBCUric Acid
BilirubinRansel (Glutathione Peroxidase)Total Antioxidant Status
FerritinRansod (Superoxide Dismutase)Transferrin
Food & Wine Testing
Acetic AcidEthanolPotassium
AmmoniaGlucose/FructoseTotal Antioxidant Status
CopperMalic acid
AldolaseCholesterol (sdldl-cholesterol)
Apolipoprotein C – IICopperGlutathione Peroxidase (Ransel)
Non-Esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA)
Apolipoprotein C – IIICreatinine (Enzymatic)Glutathione ReductaseSoluble Transferrin Receptor (sTfR)
Apolipoprotein ECystatin C
HomocysteineSuperoxide Dismutase (Ransod)
Bile Acids (5th Generation)D-3-Hydroxybutyrate (Ranbut)IgETotal Antioxidant Status (TAS)
Bilirubin (Vanadate Oxidation)Fructosamine (Enzymatic)Lipoprotein(a)Zinc

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