RX Series | Education & Research

The RX series - Perfect for Education & Research

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    Randox offers a world leading flexible test menu comprising of many unique assays, covering routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, antioxidants, diabetes and veterinary testing.
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    The RX series offers both semi-automated and fully automated solutions catering for projects of all sizes, small or large.
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    Randox offers those undertaking research projects the full package in order to maximise results. This includes Clinical Chemistry Analysers, Quality Control products and EQA.
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    The easy to operate nature of the RX series range of clinical chemistry analysers makes these ideal for use when training future laboratory professionals.

The RX series of clinical chemistry analysers can enhance the learning and teaching capabilities of any educational institution involved in the training of biomedical scientists, clinical chemistry laboratory training or therapeutic areas of research such as Food, Nutrition & Metabolism, Veterinary, Sport & Exercise and Immunology.

The world renowned RX series test menu enables students to research a wide range of routine and niche biomarkers using fully validated reagents. This coupled with our superior performance and reliability, makes the RX series the first choice for eager and ambitious students & educators hoping to become respected in their field and have their research published in journals.

The RX series caters for all research projects, our semi-automated analyser the RX misano is ideal for community colleges, schools & universities. Our fully automated range which consists of the RX monaco, RX daytona+, RX imola & RX modena can handle higher throughput needs for more demanding research projects.

The RX series Range

RX misano

Semi-automated benchtop analyser ideal for small throughput laboratories

RX monaco

Fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid volume testing of 170 samples per hour

Fully automated, random access analyser capable of performing 450 tests per hour with STAT capabilities

RX imola

Fully automated, cost effective system delivering rapid and comprehensive testing of 560 samples per hour

RX modena

Fully automated chemistry analyser ideal for medium to large laboratories with a throughput of 1200 tests per hour