RX Series | World Leading Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Test Menu

Precision, Reliability & Accuracy

The RX misano offers high quality routine and specialised testing through the most comprehensive dedicated test menu in the semi-automated market.

The needs of many laboratory types are met with the RX misano’s extensive test menu covering Clinical, Veterinary, Diabetes, Lipids and Research assays. Capable of high standard, precise results at a competitive price per test the RX misano  is capable of analysing multiple sample types, including; Serum, Plasma, Urine & Wine. Please see below for the complete RX misano test menu.

The RX misano Semi-Automated Test Menu

  • Clinical
  • Veterinary
  • Research
Cardiac Diabetes
CholesterolDirect HDL CholesterolCholesterolMicroalbumin
CK-MBDirect LDL CholesterolCreatinineNEFA
CK-NACTriglyceridesCystatin CD-3-Hydroxybutyrate
Direct HDL CholesterolTotal Protein
Hepatic Function Direct LDL CholesterolTriglycerides
AldolaseBile AcidsGlucoseUrinary Protein
AlbuminBilirubin (Total/Direct)Glucose Hexokinase
AST (GOT)Total Protein Renal Function
Nutritional Status Beta-2 MicroglobulinSodium
AlbuminMagnesiumCalciumPhosphorus (Inorganic)
IronPotassiumCreatinineUrinary Protein
LipaseZincCystatin CUrea
GlucoseUric Acid
Lipids Microalbumin
Apolipoprotein A-IDirect HDL Cholesterol
Apolipoprotein BDirect LDL Cholesterol Electrolytes
Inflammation CO2 TotalSodium
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile IronG6PDH
AlbuminCO2 Total
Alkaline PhosphataseCreatinine Basic Metabolic Profile
AST (GOT)PotassiumCO2 TotalPotassium
Bilirubin (Total/Direct)SodiumChlorideSodium
Alkaline phosphataseCalciumCreatinineLactateRansod (Superoxide dismutase)
ALT (GPT)ChlorideGamma-GTLipaseTotal Protein
AmylaseCholinesteraseGlucoseNEFA (Non-esterified fatty acids)Uric Acid
AST (GOT)CK-NACRansel (Glutathione peroxidase)Phosphorus (Inorganic)Urinary protein
Bile acidsCO2 TotalRanbut (Hydroxybutyrate)Potassium
Antioxidants Food & Wine Testing
Glutathione ReductaseRansod (Superoxide Dismutase)Acetic AcidGlucose/Fructose
Ransel (Glutathione Peroxidase)Total Antioxidant StatusAmmoniaMalic Acid

Product availability may vary from country to country. Some products may be for Research use Only. For more information on product application and availability, please contact your local Randox Representative.

The RX misano – Setting the Benchmark for Semi-Automated Testing

The RX misano semi-automated benchtop analyser ideal for small throughput laboratories.

The RX misano shines a new light on semi-automated clinical chemistry testing with increased auto-functionality and groundbreaking technology.

Revolutionising the RX series with its bold look, innovative design, and outstanding performance, it sets the benchmark for the next generation of the RX series analysers.


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