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The Acusera Smart PTH Control is intended for use with in vitro diagnostic assays for the quantitative determination of Parathyroid Hormone in human serum and plasma. This notoriously unstable marker is available with an impressive 30 day open vial stability, reducing waste while remaining easy-to-use

Features & Benefits

  • Liquid frozen requiring minimal preparation
  • Human based serum providing a matrix similar
    to the patient sample
  • Assayed target values available
  •  Stable to expiry date at -20°C to -80°C
  • Open vial stability of 30 days at 2°C to 8°C
    minimising waste and costs
DescriptionSizeAnalytesCat No
Smartload PTH Control Level 13x 3ml1PTH10608
Smartload PTH Control Level 23x 3ml1PTH10609


  • PTH (Parathyroid Hormone)