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Simple & Accurate POC Molecular Diagnostics

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    Unique test menu covering a diverse range of respiratory, genitourinary and hospital acquired infections including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
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    Multiplex technology allows for the detection of multiple targets from a single patient sample
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    All reagents are on-board vivalytic cartridges
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    Vivalytic cartridges are capable of target detection from multiple sample types Urine, Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal Swab & Sputum
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    Vivalytic cartridges are suitable for use at room temperature
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    Vivalytic cartridges provide users with minimal risk contamination

Vivalytic cartridges are compact, technologically advanced Molecular Diagnostic tests utilising micro-fluidics to enable simple and accurate diagnostic testing. Vivalytic cartridges are powered by a variety of technologies, dependent upon the test application. High-Plex and Low-Plex tests can be analysed on the Vivalytic. High-Plex tests utilise Randox patented Biochip Array Technology, enabling end-point qualitative PCR and providing multiple test results from each sample. Low-Plex tests are based on a variety of detection methods including real-time qualitative PCR and melting curve analysis.

Randox patented Biochip Technology allows simultaneous detection of multiple targets from a single patient sample. The biochip detection system is based on a chemiluminescent signal, this is the emission of light, without heat, as a result of a chemical reaction. Each biochip is prefabricated with spatially discrete testing regions (DTR’s).

Each DTR represents an individual test. Each DTR can be occupied with oligonucleotides specific to a pathogen or target of interest. The High-Plex capabilities of Biochip Technology eliminates the need to run multiple time consuming and sample intensive assays.

An enzyme is used to catalyse the chemical reaction of the biochip which generates the chemiluminescent signal. The light emitted from the chemiluminescent reaction that takes place in each DTR is simultaneously detected and quantified using a Charge – Coupled Device (CCD) Camera. This CCD Camera simultaneously records the light emission from all the DTRs on each biochip. The Vivalytic automatically generates a result report for all targets.

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