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Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Designed to enable Automated Purification

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    Extracts viral total nucleic acid (RNA) from nasal/throat swabs following brief lysis steps
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    200µl of sample from the nasal/throat swab required for analysis
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    Universal kit which can be used for the efficient and automated purification of nucleic acid material
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    Kit includes Lysis buffer, Proteinase K and Elution buffer material suitable for the extraction
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    Yields highly concentrated nucleic acids that are ready to use in downstream applications such as qualitative or quantitative PCR
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    Automated nucleic acid extraction platform available from Randox

The Randox Viral RNA Purification kit is designed for the optimal automated extraction of total nucleic acid (RNA) from nasal/throat samples.

Viral nucleic acid extraction is a critical step in infectious disease testing. Nucleic acid-based detection of viral pathogens requires the extraction of RNA allowing simultaneous detection of any viral infection.

Randox also offer a range of COVID-19 testing solutions including Molecular and Point of Care platforms along with RT-qPCR assays, Quality Controls and EQA schemes.

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