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About The RX series Clinical Chemistry Analysers

Patient care is the primary focus of clinical chemistry testing and Randox has developed the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers for high quality semi-automated and fully automated testing. The RX series continues to revolutionise a variety of laboratory types including:

 Clinical Laboratories
 Hospital Laboratories
 University & Educational Institutes
 Research Laboratories
 Veterinary Laboratories
 Food & Wine Laboratories

Did you know?

The RX series have analyser
placements in over 120
countries worldwide

The RX series combines robust hardware and intuitive software with the world leading RX series test menu, including routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants and diabetes testing. Renowned for quality and reliability, the RX series has one of the most extensive dedicated clinical chemistry test menus on the market guaranteeing real cost savings through consolidation of routine and specialised tests onto a single platform. This extensive dedicated test menu of high quality reagents guarantees excellence in patient care ensuring unrivalled precision and accuracy reducing costly test re-runs or misdiagnosis and offering complete confidence in results.

Choose from the RX misano, RX monaco RX daytona+RX imola and RX modena to start your journey with the RX series today.

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Why choose the RX series?

  • World leading extensive dedicated test menu
  • Cost savings through consolidation of routine and specialised tests
  • Renowned for precision, reliability and accuracy
  • With a range of semi-automated and automated analysers, the RX series offers versatility to suit the needs of all laboratory requirements
  • Validation of Randox Reagents providing accurate results
  • Consolidation of testing with Randox Reagents and Randox Quality Controls

The RX series Extensive Dedicated Test Menu

Complement Component 3CRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)IgERheumatoid Factor
Complement Component 4CRP High SensitivityIgG
Basic Metabolic Profile
CalciumCreatinine EnzymaticPotassium
CO2 TotalCreatinine (Jaffe)Sodium
Bone Profile
Alkaline PhosphataseCalciumPhosphorusTotal Protein
CholesterolCRP Full Range(0.3-160mg/l)Direct LDL CholesterolsLDL
CK-MBCRP High SensitivityHeart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP)Triglycerides
CK-NACDigoxinLipoprotein(a)TxB Cardio
CRPDirect HDL CholesterolMyoglobin
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
AlbuminCalciumGlucoseTotal Protein
Alkaline PhosphataseChlorideLactateUrea
ALTCO2 TotalPotassium
AST (GOT)Creatinine EnzymaticSodium
Direct BilirubinCreatinine (Jaffe)Total Bilirubin
CholesterolDirect HDL CholesterolGlycerolRanbut (Hydroxybutyrate)
Creatinine EnzymaticDirect LDL CholesterolHbA1c/HbTotal Protein
Creatinine (Jaffe)FructosamineMicroalbuminTriglycerides
Cystatin CGlucoseNEFA (Non-Esterified Fatty Acids)Urinary Protein
CalciumLithiumSodium (Direct/Nondirect)
Chloride (Direct/Nondirect)Magnesium
CO2 TotalPotassium (Direct/Nondirect)
Haemolytic Anaemia
Hepatic Function
AlbuminComplement Component 3IgGTransthyretin (Prealbumin)
AldolaseComplement Component 4IgM
Alkaline PhosphataseDirect BilirubinIron (UIBC)
Alpha-I AntitrypsinGamma GTLAP
AmmoniaGlycerolTotal Bilirubin
AST (GOT)HaptoglobinTotal Protein
Inflammation and Infection
Alpha-I Acid GlycoproteinASOCRPLactate
Rheumatoid Factor
Apolipoprotein A-IApolipoprotein CIICholesterolLipoprotein(a)
Apolipoprotein AIIApolipoprotein CIIIDirect HDL CholesterolsLDL
Apolipoprotein BApolipoprotein EDirect LDL CholesterolTriglycerides
Neonatal Screening
Alpha-I AntitrypsinCRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)IgE
CRPCRP High SensitivityTransthyretin (Prealbumin)
Neurological Disorders (CSF)
Nutritional Status
CopperIron (UIBC)PotassiumTransthyretin (Prealbumin)
Pancreatic Function
AmylaseLDHPancreatic Amylase
Renal Function
AlbuminCreatinine EnzymaticIgGPhosphorus (Inorganic)
AmmoniaCreatinine (Jaffe)LDHUrinary Protein
Beta-2 MicroglobulinCystatin CMagnesiumUrea
CalciumGlucosePotassiumUric Acid
AlbuminCholesterolGlycerolRanbut (Hydroxybutyrate)
Alkaline phosphataseCholinesterase (Butyryl)HDLRansel (Glutathione peroxidase)
ALT (GPT)CK-NACIron (UIBC)Ransod (Superoxide dismutase)
AldolaseCO2 TotalLactateSodium
AmmoniaCopperLactate dehydrogenaseTherapeutic drugs
AmylaseCreatinineLDLTotal Protein
AST (GOT)CRPLipaseTriglycerides
Bile acidsFructosamineMagnesiumUrea
BilirubinGamma-GTNEFA (Non-esterified fatty acids)Uric Acid
CalciumGLDHPhosphorus (Inorganic)Urinary protein
Therapeutic Drugs:
CarbamazepineLithiumPhenytoinValproic Acid
Drugs of Abuse
BarbituratesCocaine metaboliteEthanol
Specific Proteins
Alpha-I AntitrypsinASOCystatin CIgM
Alpha-I Acid GlycoproteinBeta-2 MicroglobulinFerritinLipoprotein (a)
Apolipoprotein A-ICeruloplasminFructosamineMicroalbumin
Apolipoprotein AIIComplement Component 3HaptoglobinMyoglobin
Apolipoprotein BComplement Component 4HbA1c/HbRheumatoid Factor
Apolipoprotein CIICRPIgATransthyretin (Prealbumin)
Apolipoprotein CIIICRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l)IgETransferrin
Apolipoprotein ECRP High SensitivityIgG
AlbuminGlutathione ReductaseTIBCUric Acid
BilirubinRansel (Glutathione Peroxidase)Total Antioxidant Status
FerritinRansod (Superoxide Dismutase)Transferrin
Food and Wine Testing
Acetic AcidCopperGlycerolMalic Acid
CalciumGlucose/FructoseL-Lactic AcidTotal Antioxidant Status
Acid phosphatase

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