Genotyping Services

The Randox Genomics Services Department currently has target genotyping solutions in multiple areas. Genotyping is the process of analysing DNA to detect SNPs of interest. These SNPs are compared to reference SNPs, available from years of genetic research, to determine differences in genetic makeup.

Genotyping Advantages and Applications

Clinical Diagnostics

  • Can help determine whether specific resistance genes or genetic mutations in bacterial strains- make it insusceptible to one or more antibiotic drug.
  • Can be used to help monitor variants during pandemics, identifying when new variants become more predominant.

Clinical Research

  • Allows researchers to focus on genes, variants, and genomic regions of interest relevant to certain disease or traits of interest.
  • Enables the study of populations not supported by standard products and can be used to create personalised drugs.

Food & Agriculture

  • Identifies potential genes for improving breeding and management programs.
  • Can be used to increase yield and improve quality


Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how a person’s DNA effects their drug response. This is a relatively new field in science but it is expected to be the future of medicine as it focuses on personalised medicine and treating every patient individually.

Microarray Technology for PGx

At Randox we use Illumina’s Infinium Global Diversity Array with Enhanced PGx microarray to test for pharmacogenomic markers. This is the most comprehensive genotyping microarray on the market for pharmacogenomic research. The microarray features over 44,000 genome-wide PGx markers which span more than 20000 pharmacogenomic targets and gives 100% coverage of priority level A and B CPIC genes.

Genotyping Panels

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    GSA + Custom content

    Over 710,000 SNPs across the human genome with additional DTC content.

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    GDA + Enhanced PGx

    Over 1.8 million SNPs across the human genome enhanced with pharmacogenomic specific markers.

Laboratory Technology

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