OLINK® | Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery


Let Experts at Randox Run Your Samples

As one of the UK’s first commercial partners of Olink® Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, Randox offer scientists involved in drug development, clinical, or basic life science research, the service they need to run large-scale discovery proteomics.


Randox offer customers access to the entire Olink® protein library of ~3000 protein assays for exploratory proteomics and multiomics.

OLINK® Workflow

OLINK® Features and Benefits

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    Covers all major biological pathways with ~3000 validated protein assays
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    High sample throughput for large scale proteomic studies and research
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    Minimal sample volume with just 60uL for the complete library
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    Exceptional specificity in comparison to mass spec utilising PEA technology
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    Compatible with a wide variety of sample types

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