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Advancing scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics

Randox Biosciences is a division within Randox Laboratories; committed to revolutionising healthcare by providing diagnostic, prognostic and predictive assays.  Offering products which enable precise drug development and regulatory approval, with the potential to transform healthcare throughout the world.  We provide industry leading molecular and immunoassay diagnostic solutions to a variety of sectors including Clinical Laboratories, Biopharma, CROs and Academic Research Centres.

Molecular Solutions

Randox Biosciences molecular diagnostic product offering provides diagnostic, prognostic and predictive solutions across a variety of disease areas including Respiratory, Genitourinary, Inherited and Hospital Acquired Infections.  A wide range of assay formats are offered including pathogen detection, mutation detection, SNP genotyping and gene expression, all of which utilise Randox patented Biochip Technology providing a complete patient profile from a single patient sample due to its multiplex testing technology, for both rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Immunoassay Solutions

Randox Biosciences provide the building blocks of diagnostic development which includes antibodies, corresponding conjugates and proteins.  Our immunoassay product offering provides diagnostic solutions covering a variety of disease areas including thyroid, reproduction, cardiovascular and renal.

Custom Assay Development

Serving the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, contract research and biotech industries, Randox Biosciences dedicated custom unit develops and manufactures custom assay solutions.  This also includes fully customised human and animal quality control sera and calibrators.  Clients can choose from an extensive menu of over 320 clinical and research biomarkers which can be customised onto a high sensitivity or exquisite selectivity multiplex panel of up to 22 different biomarkers.

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) are Randox Biosciences latest development supplying pharmaceutical companies a means to deliver personalised medicine, essential for the safe and effective use of corresponding drug or biological products.  With a long-recognised expertise in the development of esoteric assays, and more than 500 IVD products available globally, Randox is a partner of choice to support your CDx needs.


Randox Biosciences is a world-leading primary manufacturer of high-quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antibody fragments and human recombinant proteins.  Offering an impressive off the shelf portfolio of over 1000 products and a custom development service for antibodies and recombinant proteins including a specialised offering of antibody fragments.

For more information on who we are and what we can offer, please visit https://www.randoxbiosciences.com/