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The Randox Acusera AMH control is designed for use as a third-party control for the quantitative determination of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH). An AMH test is often used to check a woman’s ability to produce eggs that can be fertilized for pregnancy. Thus, helping women to make informed decisions about their health.

Available in a liquid frozen format, this control should be treated in the same manner as a patient sample.


Features & Benefits

  • 30-day stability at +2°C to +8°C
  • Liquid Frozen format for convenience and reduced handling errors
  • True third-party control providing an unbiased assessment of performance
  • Manufactured using human serum, ensuring commutable sample matrix
  • Assayed target values provided eliminating the need to assign values in-house
  • Control available at recommended cut-off values for AMH


DescriptionPack SizeCat. NumberTypical Values
Beckman DXL / Roche ng/ml
AMH Control 13 x 2mlAMH105090.5
AMH Control 23 x 2mlAMH105141.0
AMH Control 33 x 2mlAMH105156.0
AMH Control 43 x 2mlAMH1051616.0


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