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Prevention is Better than Cure

Most of us are familiar with this phrase, yet many still wait for symptoms to arise before visiting the doctor or acting to improve our health.

Although medical advancements have helped people live longer lives, too many spend their later years battling poor health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least 80% of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes could be prevented and that up to 50% of all cancers are preventable. Statistics like these signal a greater need for preventative healthcare.

What is Preventative Healthcare?

Rather than truly focusing on the maintenance or preservation of health, traditional healthcare is actually focused on sickness management. That is to say that it is reactive rather than proactive, with diagnostic testing used to investigate symptoms when they are already established. Treatment is then arranged to manage and treat the condition.

Preventative healthcare conversely takes a more proactive approach with the aim to actively prevent or delay disease development.
Through regular, comprehensive testing, a fully defined overview of overall health can be understood, and lifestyle changes made to maintain good health.

Traditional / Reactive Healthcare Model

Traditional or Reactive

Preventative Healthcare Model

Randox Preventative Health Programmes

The Power of Diagnostics

Since we were founded in 1982, diagnostics have come a long way. Today, 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic tests, and we now know that the best way to facilitate preventative healthcare and prevent health problems is to find the earliest signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood.

At Randox our revolutionary diagnostic tests – across heart health, respiratory health, liver health and more – will help you live healthier and happier for longer.  Harnessing the power of our revolutionary Randox Biochip Technology and complex algorithms, we can predict an individual’s risk of developing illness in the future and in many cases spot the very earliest signs of disease before symptoms arise and become harder to treat. This presents the best chance to prevent advancement of an illness or to stop it altogether.

Randox Health Checks

Our full body health checks facilitate early intervention to reverse, prevent or slow disease progression. Every day our clients find early signs of disease; sometimes years before it will become acute and debilitating. Working with our clinicians we can pro-actively work to reverse any problems before they occur.

Once your baseline health has been established, we encourage regular health monitoring to stay in control of your health and monitor improvements.  This is viable via our unique biomarker tracking service which includes a full set of repeat tests after 6 months.

This preventative health approach vastly improves the chances for a longer and happier life.

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