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Rapid Stratification of ARDS Patients

Using Randox Patented Biochip Technology

Rapid Stratification of ARDS Patients for Effective Treatment Plan Implementation

  • Rapid Identification
    Rapid identification of hypo and hyper-inflammatory subphenotypes in ARDS patients. Widely used in COVID-19 clinical studies
  • Identification
    Facilitates a precision medicine approach in ARDS patient’s, individuals with hyper-inflammatory phenotypes respond better to simvastatin
  • 2 step process
    Simple 2 step process with results available within 36 minutes from a single plasma sample
  • Biochip
    Simultaneous testing of IL-6 and sTNFR1 utilising patented Biochip Technology
  • ICU
    Currently being used in multiple ICU sites in the UK as part of the PHIND Study
  • MultiSTAT
    Available for use on the Evidence MultiSTAT POC analyser

The Randox ARDS array is a quantitative IL-6 & sTNFR1 immunoassay for use on the Evidence MultiSTAT analyser with a preparation time of 30 minutes and a run time of 36 minutes.

The data, when combined with additional clinical data, and analysed using a parsimonious statistical model, developed and operated by UCSF, aims to stratify ARDS patients into one of two inflammatory phenotypes. This is one of the aims of the prospective clinical trial (PHIND Study) the biochip is currently being used in.


Biomarkers Tested

  • IL-6
  • sTNFR1

Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a soluble mediator with a pleiotropic effect on inflammation, immune response, and haematopoiesis. Although its expression is strictly controlled by transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanism, dysregulated continual synthesis of IL-6 plays a pathological effect on chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

Soluble tumour necrosis factor receptor-1 (sTNFR1) is a circulating form of their membrane bound counterparts (mTNFR1) which is essential for tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNFα)-signalling via different pathways. An interaction between both mTNFR1 and mTNFR2 leads to a proinflammatory stimulus via activation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) or activator protein 1 (AP-1), while mTHFR1 contains a death domain through which signalling leads to apoptosis.

Evidence MultiSTAT

Meet the Evidence MultiSTAT


The Evidence MultiSTAT is an easy to use, small footprint analyser facilitating on-site simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers.

Using chemiluminescence as a measurement principle, the Evidence MultiSTAT consistently delivers accurate results.

As minimal sample preparation is required, quantitative results are provided in 36 minutes offering efficient and accurate ARDS stratification.

Meet the Cartridge

MultiSTAT Cartridge

The Evidence MultiSTAT cartridge contains the reagents required for the chemiluminescent reaction to take place incorporated into its wells.

The process from sample entry to results can be completed in 2 simple steps, with minimal risk of human error.

No other components are required.


The product has been developed solely for use in the clinical trial and is currently marked for Investigational Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Purposes.

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