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Randox is one of the largest manufacturers of true third party quality control solutions.  With over 35 years’ experience delivering reliable, high quality products designed to effectively challenge instrument performance you can be confident in the accuracy of patient test results, whilst reducing time and costs. With more than 390 analytes available across the Acusera range and a wide range of formats providing flexibility & choice, we have a solution to suit you.

Our diverse range of multi-analyte, third party controls offer industry leading opportunities for consolidation, ultimately delivering cost savings, reduced preparation time and increased efficiency all without compromising on quality. Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, lot to lot consistency and unrivalled commutability is guaranteed, ensuring performance mirrors that of the patient sample and costly shifts in QC results are reduced.

  • Benefits


    Specialising in consolidation, the Acusera range of multi-analyte controls is designed to reduce the number of individual controls required to cover your test menu, ultimately reducing costs, preparation time and storage space.


    All Acusera controls are designed to react to the test system in the same manner as the patient sample, helping to meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements whilst reducing inconvenient and costly shifts in QC results when reagent batch is changed.


    Clinically Relevant Levels
    The presence of analytes at key decision levels not only helps to ensure accurate instrument performance but maximises laboratory efficiency by eliminating the need for additional low/high level controls at extra expense.


    Reduced Waste
    The unrivalled working stability of the Acusera control range helps to keep waste and costs to a minimum.


    With an extensive range of assayed/unassayed, liquid/lyophilised and single/multi-analyte controls, the Acusera portfolio has a solution to suit all laboratory preferences.


    True Third Party Controls
    Manufactured independently, the Acusera range delivers unbiased performance assessment with any instrument or method, helping to meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for multiple instrument dedicated controls.

Did you know?

Our controls are used in over 50,000 labs, hospitals and universities across the world.

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Interlaboratory Data Management

Complementing our Internal Quality Control range is Acusera 24•7, a powerful data management tool designed to help even the most demanding laboratories manage their daily QC activities. Delivering unique access to real-time peer group statistics, a variety of fully interactive charts and automatic calculation of performance metrics such as Measurement Uncertainty, Acusera 24•7 will speed up data review and troubleshooting.

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