Cytokine Storm Array

Cytokine Storm Array

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    Fully quantitative (pg/mL & ng/mL) results
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    9-plex biochip array (sandwich ELISA)
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    Results at the point of need in 60 mins
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    Validated for plasma (300μl load volume)
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    Detects key markers implicated in cytokine storm

Cytokine Storm (CS) or cytokine-associated toxicity is an acute hyperinflammatory response, where the body releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly; these abnormally high levels cause collateral damage, which is greater than the immediate benefit of the immune response.

It is important for clinicians to recognize cytokine storm because it has prognostic and therapeutic implications. The Randox MultiSTAT test detects key biomarkers shown to be important in the development and severity of cytokine storm.

The Cytokine Storm Array for MultiSTAT is a fast, point of application array of nine plasma biomarkers which has the potential to assess, predict and track the progression of a COVID-19 infection. Clinical applications and research are also associated with immunotherapy, several infections and their diseases such as Yersinia Pestis, Dengue Fever, Graft-Versus-Host Disease, Autoimmune and Sepsis.

Assay Performance 

Marker SensitivityRange
IL-1beta1.71 pg/ml0 - 250 pg/ml
IL-29.83 pg/ml0 - 1000 pg/ml
IL-62.87 pg/ml0 - 500 pg/ml
IFNgamma10.4 pg/ml0 - 500 pg/ml
TNFalpha20.11 pg/ml0 - 1000 pg/m
MCP-111.03 pg/ml0 - 500 pg/ml
IL-159.46 pg/ml0 - 1000 pg/ml
Ferritin7.42 ng/ml0 - 1000 ng/ml
D-dimer35.34 ng/ml0 - 4500 ng/ml

The Evidence MultiSTAT

Meet the Evidence MultiSTAT

The Evidence MultiSTAT is an easy to use, small footprint analyser facilitating on-site simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers.

Using chemiluminescence as a measurement principle, the Evidence MultiSTAT consistently delivers accurate results.

As minimal sample preparation is required, results are provided in 60 minutes to improve therapeutic intervention at the point of care

MultiSTAT Cartridge

Meet the Cartridge

The Evidence MultiSTAT cartridge contains the reagents required for the chemiluminescent reaction to take place incorporated into its wells.

The process from sample entry to results can be completed in 2 simple steps, with minimal risk of human error.

No other components are required.