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Randox is shaping the future of clinical diagnostics with increased development of innovative technologies. Our passion for innovation, creativity and investment in R&D enables us to continually develop our products and evolve for the future.

Randox range of biochemistry reagents has developed significantly, from a small selection when our journey began in 1982, to a test menu now comprising of over 116 biomarkers. As the demands of the healthcare industry push for assays which enable the detection of disease probability, and as scientists discover more sensitive and significant biomarkers, we continually add to our reagent range and develop with the needs of the future.

Not only do we lead the way with a world renowned test menu, we also provide a range of true third party quality controls complimented by our Acusera 24.7 interlaboratory data management system and RIQAS EQA Scheme, guaranteed to simplify QC practice and ensure accurate patient diagnosis. In a world where the prevalence of certain diseases are rife, we understand the importance of correct diagnosis; not only to ensure the right treatment, but also to allow preventative measures to be taken to reduce development of disease. As such, our range of quality controls expands in line with our range of reagents.

Add the RX series range of clinical chemistry analysers to the mix and we continue to set the benchmark for next generation testing. Providing semi-automated and automated solutions, the RX series is developed with the customer at the forefront; incorporating innovative design, striking performance and personalisation to allow quick throughput to meet growing demands.

Our position as pioneers in the health industry prevails with our revolutionary biochip array technology and range of biochip analysers. Advancing scientific discovery and personalised health, the biochip allows multiplex testing which can be tailored to your needs.

Randox’s ability to transition with the demands of the health industry signifies our position as a leader in #FutureDiagnostics.