Reagent | Iron

Key Benefits

Excellent precision

The Iron (ferene) assay showed a precision of less than 3.5% CV

Exceptional correlation

The assay showed a correlation of r=0.99 against another commercially available method

Liquid and lyophilised reagents available

Offering convenience and choice

Randox Iron- Ferrozine

  • Ferrozine method
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Stable to expiry when stored at 15-25⁰C
Cat NoSize
SI3821R1 6 x 20ml (L)
R2 3 x 11ml
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SI8049R1 7 x 15.5ml (L)
R2 7 x 6.7ml
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SI8330R1 4 x 20ml (L)
R2 4 x 7ml
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(L) Indicates liquid option

Instrument Specific Applications (ISA’s) are available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.  Contact us to enquire about your specific analyser.

What is Iron assay used for?

Iron deficiency is one of the most prevalent human disorders. In adults iron deficiency is often symptomatic of chronic blood loss. Iron deficiency results in deficient haem synthesis with the subsequent symptoms of anaemia due to tissue hypoxia. Iron (non-heme) measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as iron deficiency anaemia, hemochromatosis (a disease associated with widespread deposit in the tissues of two iron-containing pigments, hemosiderin and hemofuscin, and characterized by pigmentation of the skin), and chronic renal disease.


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