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With over 35 years’ experience in developing accurate and cutting-edge technology and an aim to revolutionise healthcare worldwide, Randox remains firmly committed to advancing diagnostic solutions. Our passion for innovation, expertise and investment in R&D enables us to continually develop new products and adapt quickly to meet market demands and evolve for the future. By improving diagnostics we want to enable earlier and more accurate clinical decision making, patient outcomes and burdens on current health services.

Third party biochemistry reagents

Since inception in 1982 our range of  biochemistry reagents has grown significantly to now having the highest quality reagents on the market and a test menu comprising of over 118 assays covering over 100 disease markers. These include proteins, lipids, therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs of abuse, antioxidants, coagulation, diabetes and veterinary testing. Through our advancements in laboratory innovation we aim to discover more sensitive and significant biomarkers that meet the demands of current and future diagnostics to enable laboratories to change the way they operate.

Complete QC solutions

Randox Quality Control offers a complete laboratory QC solution comprising Acusera true third party controls, Acusera 24.7 interlaboratory data management, and RIQAS, the world’s largest External Quality Assessment scheme, allowing labs to fulfil their entire QC requirements, saving time and money.  In a world where disease is pervasive, we understand the importance of accurate diagnosis; not only to ensure the correct treatment, but also allow preventative measures to be taken, reducing the development of disease. Our range of quality controls expand in line with our extensive range of reagents

Excellence in clinical chemistry testing

The RX series range of clinical chemistry analysers were designed and developed to provide excellence in patient care by ensuring unrivalled precision and accuracy to meet the growing demands of the ever growing in vitro diagnostic industry. The series comprises of 5 analysers, the RX monaco, RX imola, RX misano, RX daytona+ and the RX modena, offering both semi-automated (RX misano) and automated solutions to laboratories across 120 countries. Renowned for its quality and reliability, the RX series boosts an extensive clinical chemistry test menu that includes routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants and diabetes testing.

Multiplex Immunoassay Testing

Our position as pioneers in the health industry prevails with our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology (BAT) and Evidence Series range of biochip analysers which include the Evidence, the Evidence MultiSTAT, the Evidence Investigator and the Evidence Evolution. BAT is an innovative assay technology which utilises multiplex testing methodology in a rapid, accurate and easy-to-use format.  Designed to work across a range of matrices including urine, whole blood and oral fluid, this revolutionary technology is transforming laboratories worldwide by providing an unrivalled increase in patient information per sample.

Randox’s commitment to continuous scientific discovery and ability to transition with the demands of the health industry signifies our position as a leader in improving healthcare diagnostics worldwide.

Randox – Dedicated to #ImprovingHealth Worldwide