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An End-to-End Genomics Solution

Randox Genomics Services department is fitted with specialised, fully equipped, state of the art testing facilities, designed and set up to fulfil a unique range of end-to-end sequencing solutions inclusive of in-house bioinformaticians and data analysts.

Why Randox?

Randox Laboratories is a global market leader within the in vitro diagnostics industry. Utilising a multitude of platforms, our sequencing and genotyping facility is suited to a wide range of areas of genome sequencing.

Our team of genetic scientists and bioinformaticians provide customisable sequencing and genotyping services for research, development, validation and running of different genomic tests to generate high quality data in line with modern healthcare and future disease insights.

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    A dedicated team of genetic scientists including automation specialists, enabling adaption to testing throughputs changes from call small projects to large scale testing.

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    Huge capacity for storage and accessioning of multiple sample types with fast turnaround times.

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    Specific customised project planning and validation of services, tailored to the needs of each Randox customer.

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    Multiple options for variable throughput from low throughput instruments, to the largest sequencer on the market with targeted solutions in multiple areas.

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    Targeted genotyping solutions in multiple areas

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