Reagent | Phosphorus 

Key Benefits

Exceptional correlation

The Phosphorus (Inorganic) assay showed a correlation of r=0.99 against another commercially available method

Applications available

For a wide variety of clinical chemistry analysers including the RX series

Excellent precision

The Phosphorus (Inorganic) assay has a precision of less than 4% CV

Other features

  • UV method
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Stable to expiry when stored at +15 to +25⁰C
Cat NoSize
PH3872R1a 6 x 14ml (L)
R1b 6 x 6ml
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PH8048R1 6 x 68ml (L)
R2 6 x 40.3ml
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PH8328R1 4 x 12.7ml (L)
R2 4 x 7.1ml
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(L) Indicates liquid option

Instrument Specific Applications (ISA’s) are available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.  Contact us to enquire about your specific analyser.

What is Phosphorus (Inorganic) assay used for?

The human body contains approximately one kilogram of phosphorous. The calcium phosphate salts which comprise the inorganic substance of bone account for approximately 80% of the total phosphorous content. The remainder is distributed throughout other cells of the body primarily as organic phosphorous in phospholipids and phosphoproteins. Measurements of phosphorus (inorganic) are used in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders including parathyroid gland and kidney diseases, and vitamin D imbalance.

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