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The accurate diagnosis of a potentially life threatening cardiac event is essential in order to avoid misdiagnosis and/or incorrect treatment. The Acusera Cardiac Quality Controls have been designed to cover a wide range of cardiac markers at clinical decision levels eliminating the need for additional low level controls at extra expense. Available in a choice of both liquid ready-to-use and lyophilised formats, they are ideal for use at the point-of-care and in the laboratory. Manufactured from 100% human serum a matrix similar to that of the patient is guaranteed.

Lyophilised Cardiac Quality Controls

Cardiac Control

Lyophilised, Assayed, 100% Human Serum

7 Analytes

CK-MB Control

Lyophilised, Assayed, 100% Human Serum

2 Analytes

Liquid Cardiac Quality Controls

Troponin T Control

Liquid Frozen, Assayed, 100% Human Serum

1 Analytes

Cardiac Controls

Liquid Frozen, Assayed, Aqueous

2 Analytes

BNP Controls

Liquid, Assayed, Serum

1 Analyte

    Laboratory Quality Control