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This week is British Science Week, a week dedicated to inspiring innovation and celebrating science. To mark the occasion the RX series team caught up with Daniel Melly, one of our very talented mechanical design engineers based in Randox Teoranta in Dungloe, Ireland.

Daniel was an integral part of the team involved in the design of our new semi-automated analyser, the RX misano.

We asked Daniel a few questions about why Randox created this analyser, the design process involved in creating such a unique system and what his favourite features are. Check out our interview below.



First of all, why have Randox created the RX misano?

Randox set out in creating the RX misano with the philosophy of supplying the customer with a more modern, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing analyser than those that are currently available on the market. Robust part selection was always at the fore of any design decisions and we feel that we have delivered on all of these requirements.

What makes the RX misano unique?

From your first sight of the misano, it strikes you with its non-conventional cover design, its glossy touch screen, and its compact footprint. Weighing approximately 6.0kg, it can be easily moved from location to location. A really user-friendly interface that was uniquely designed by our embedded systems engineers allows the customer to interact with the analyser with ease while still dwarfing any competitors with its creative functionality.

Are there any advantages to the RX misano test menu?

With a vast test menu available as standard on the analyser, creation of unique tests are easily saved within the analyser for the customer to repeatedly use. The customer has lots of parameter selections for all attributes needed to build a test.

In your opinion, is the analyser easily maintained?

The analyser is very easily maintained. It is desired that the customer perform simple weekly washes of the fluids to ensure no debris build up from samples, and built in software timers advise the customer when the “halogen bulb” and “pump tubing” should be replaced. These are the only two parts within the machine that the customer will be required to come into contact with for maintenance purposes.

From an engineer’s perspective what do you find most interesting about the RX misano build?

Being a mechanical engineer, I find the unique detection design the most interesting part of the analyser. With almost a total static design implemented, this enabled the engineers to focus on the selection of reliable and compact components that would be subjected to a vast variety of environments. The collaboration of all disciplines within the engineering department here in Dungloe was very efficient throughout the project, and this lead to a quick turn-around from the design phase through to transfer to manufacturing.

What is your favourite feature and how would this benefit our customers?

The trendy touch screen that creates a comfortable interaction for the customer is a great feature in my opinion.

Why would you pick the RX misano over competitors?

As described above, if you want the most up to date technology, a design that prides itself on its reliability and an analyser that you can tuck under your arm and carry from place to place, then the misano is the perfect selection for any customer requiring semi-automatic capabilities.

Finally, can you outline the manufacturing process? How does this benefit our customers?

The manufacturing of the analyser is done in a safe methodical way which eliminates the occurrence of errors in the build. Most component design is done with a “poka yoke” characteristic applied, and this aids the trained Manufacturing staff to build the desired quality of analyser that will be ultimately delivered to a happy customer.

Thank you Daniel for taking the time to chat with us today, we really appreciate our dedicated and hard-working team committed to producing the highest quality products to continue saving lives globally.

The RX series is a versatile range of clinical chemistry analysers designed by Randox, combining robust hardware and intuitive software with the world leading RX series test menu, the RX series guarantees real cost savings through consolidation of routine and specialised tests onto a single platform. 

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