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During December, we aim to highlight how the Randox product portfolio can be used for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes, with a focus on the Randox Reagents diabetes panel which offers a total of 12 assays for accurate and reliable diabetes testing.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and it is estimated by WHO (World Health Organisation) that 2.2 million additional deaths are being caused by the condition each year.  The number of people with the condition has being growing rapidly in the last 30 years, the International Diabetes Federation predicts that approximately 438 million people will have diabetes by 2030. Early diagnosis and constant monitoring of diabetes is essential in order to manage the condition, as diabetes can lead to other health problems such as heart disease, kidney damage or failure, nerve damage and even blindness.

Randox knows that this condition cannot be ignored as each year it is increasingly becoming a burden on the health service. Randox Reagents are committed to advancing diabetes related testing and offer an extensive range of high quality reagents: from diabetes diagnosis, to the monitoring of diabetes-related complications, the Randox Reagents diabetes testing panel covers the full spectrum of clinical testing requirements.

Reagents Diabetes Testing Assays

To aid with the growing concern of diabetes, Randox Reagents offer a comprehensive range of 12 assays within their diabetes testing panel including assays for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes which includes fructosamine, glucose and HbA1c and also those which monitor diabetes-related complications such as adiponectincystatin c, microalbumin and NEFA. The Randox diabetes reagents offer a range liquid ready-to-use and lyophilised formats for increased efficiency, applications are also available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.

Randox Reagents

RX series Direct HbA1c Testing Capabilities

Renowned for quality and reliability the RX series range of clinical chemistry analysers boasts a world leading test menu with an extensive range of high performing and unique assays available. In addition to NEFA, D-3-Hydroxybutyrate (Ranbut) and Fructosamine the RX series welcomes Direct HbA1c testing on the RX Daytona +, RX imola and RX modena. The latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method improves laboratory performance and time, highly improving accuracy and precision by revolutionising your diabetes testing capabilities.

Direct HbA1c Testing

Quality Control

Designed for use in the Quality Control of both HbA1c and Total Haemoglobin assays, our Acusera HbA1c controls are an ideal match for laboratories running these parameters and POCT testing. Available in liquid ready-to-use or lyophilised formats, these controls offer attractive stability and flexibility for labs and healthcare practices of any size. Manufactured using human whole blood which ensures commutability, our controls directly mimic the performance of real patient samples helping deliver reliable results. 

Quality Control

RIQAS Glycated Haemoglobin Programme

Designed to monitor the performance of HbA1c, our RIQAS glycated haemoglobin EQA program is suitable for both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis.  As the largest EQA scheme in the world, access to large peer groups is guaranteed.  Additional benefits include; monthly analysis, user-friendly reports allowing at-a-glance performance assessment, ability to register up to five instruments per programme and cost savings via our unrivalled consolidation.