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Therapeutic Drug Quality Control

Intended for use with Roche Abbott and Siemens systems, this control is manufactured using only the highest quality material and offers a 7-day thawed stability at +2ºC to +8ºC.

This control provides a full range of clinically relevant testing levels, including High Sensitivity Troponin I.

Features & Benefits

  • Liquid Frozen
  • Aqueous Material
  • 4 Clinically relevant levels (including Ultra-Low)
  • Stable to expiry date at -20ºC to -80ºC
  • Thawed stability of 7 days at 2°C – 8°C
DescriptionOptimised forSize AnalytesCat No
Cardiac Control - Ultra LowRoche (NT proBNP) & Abbott (Troponin I)3 x 3 ml1CQ10453
Cardiac Control Ultra LowSiemens6 x 1 ml2CQ10428
Cardiac Control Level 1Siemens6 x 1 ml2CQ10429
Cardiac Control Level 2Siemens6 x 1 ml2CQ10430
Cardiac Control Level 3Siemens6 x 1 ml2CQ10431


  • Troponin I
  • NT-proBNP

    Laboratory Quality Control