Randox’s antigen-HRP conjugates are optimized for use with Randox polyclonal antibodies for the development of immunoassays. All HRP-conjugates are provided in a conjugate stabilising solution, specifically formulated in-house to prolong the shelf-life of newly conjugated material, enhancing the conjugate’s overall performance and reliability within your immunoassay.

Product NameCat NumberSizeGet In Touch
3-Acetyl-DON HRP97110.5mlEnquire Now
4-AHD (Aminohydantoin)HRP92550.5mlEnquire Now
4-AMOZHRP93550.5mlEnquire Now
4-AOZHRP93540.5mlEnquire Now
5-Hydroxyindole Acetic AcidHRP94760.5ml Enquire Now
17α-Nortestosterone HRP93090.5mlEnquire Now
17α-Boldenone HRP92460.5mlEnquire Now
17α-Estradiol HRP92590.5mlEnquire Now
17α HydroxyprogesteroneHRP94140.5mlEnquire Now
17α-Testosterone HRP92600.5mlEnquire Now
17α-Trenbolone HRP92440.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Boldenone HRP92480.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Estradiol HRP93520.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Estradiol-short linkerHRP93510.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Testosterone HRP92280.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Trenbolone HRP92450.5mlEnquire Now
17β-Nortestosterone HRP93690.5mlEnquire Now
Acepromazine HRP94690.5mlEnquire Now
Albendazole HRP92190.5mlEnquire Now
Albendazole HRP96050.5mlEnquire Now
AmitriptylineHRP93860.5mlEnquire Now
AmikacinHRP94300.5mlEnquire Now
AmpicillinHRP93390.5mlEnquire Now
Androstenedione HRP93070.5mlEnquire Now
Avilamycin HRP96150.5mlEnquire Now
Azaperone HRP95030.5mlEnquire Now
Benzimidazole HRP94090.5mlEnquire Now
Carazolol HRP96240.5mlEnquire Now
Carbadox HRP92710.5mlEnquire Now
Carbamazepine HRP94980.5mlEnquire Now
Carbamazepine HRP95110.5mlEnquire Now
Carboxymethyl LSD HRP94810.5mlEnquire Now
Cephalexin HRP96420.5mlEnquire Now
ChloramphenicolHRP92630.5mlEnquire Now
Chlormadinone Acetate HRP92300.5mlEnquire Now
Chlorpromazine HRP94570.5mlEnquire Now
Cimaterol HRP94100.5mlEnquire Now
ClostebolHRP92430.5mlEnquire Now
Closantel HRP96170.5mlEnquire Now
Cocaine HRP95240.5mlEnquire Now
CocaineHRP93350.5mlEnquire Now
CodeineHRP93170.5mlEnquire Now
Cocaine/Benzoylecgonine HRP93360.5mlEnquire Now
Cotinine HRP94780.5mlEnquire Now
Cortisol HRP92860.5mlEnquire Now
CortisoneHRP94160.5mlEnquire Now
Creatinine Acid HRP94770.5mlEnquire Now
CreatinineHRP96580.5mlEnquire Now
Cyclic AMPHRP93710.5mlEnquire Now
CyclopentobarbitalHRP92990.5mlEnquire Now
D8-THC-COOHHRP93200.5mlEnquire Now
D9-THCHRP93210.5mlEnquire Now
Dehydronorketamine HRP95130.5mlEnquire Now
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEA)HRP96480.5mlEnquire Now
Demethyl Salvinorin HRP94800.5mlEnquire Now
Deoxynivalenol HRP97100.5mlEnquire Now
DesipramineHRP94220.5mlEnquire Now
Desmethylnaproxen HRP95170.5mlEnquire Now
Desmycosin HRP96770.5mlEnquire Now
DexamethasoneHRP93740.5mlEnquire Now
Dextromethorphan HRP95000.5mlEnquire Now
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) HRP96180.5mlEnquire Now
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-17) HRP92410.5mlEnquire Now
Diclazuril HRP92800.5mlEnquire Now
Dicloxicillin HRP96030.5mlEnquire Now
Dienestrol (p-OH) HRP92580.5mlEnquire Now
Diethylstilbestrol HRP95140.5mlEnquire Now
Digoxin HRP94700.5mlEnquire Now
Digoxigenin HRP94310.5mlEnquire Now
Dihydrotestosterone HRP93060.5mlEnquire Now
Dinitrosalicylic Acid Hydrazide (DNSH) HRP93960.5mlEnquire Now
Dipyrone HRP92850.5mlEnquire Now
Epiandrosterone HRP93080.5mlEnquire Now
EPI-Demethyl Salvinorin HRP95020.5mlEnquire Now
Epitestosterone HRP96020.5mlEnquire Now
Ergot Alkaloids HRP97080.5mlEnquire Now
Ergot Alkaloids HRP97090.5mlEnquire Now
Erythromycin HRP96010.5mlEnquire Now
Escitalopram HRP94600.5mlEnquire Now
EstriolHRP94150.5mlEnquire Now
Estriol HRP94650.5mlEnquire Now
Estriol (6) HRP94000.5mlEnquire Now
Estriol (6a) HRP93990.5mlEnquire Now
Ethinylestradiol HRP92350.5mlEnquire Now
Ethyl Glucuronide HRP95310.5mlEnquire Now
Etodolac HRP93420.5mlEnquire Now
Fentanyl HRP96260.5mlEnquire Now
FentanylHRP93150.5mlEnquire Now
Florfenicol HRP94070.5mlEnquire Now
Flunixin HRP93410.5mlEnquire Now
Flumequine HRP92540.5mlEnquire Now
Fumonisin HRP97130.5mlEnquire Now
Gentamycin HRP96090.5mlEnquire Now
Gestrinone HRP94270.5mlEnquire Now
Halofuginone HRP96730.5mlEnquire Now
Haloperidol HRP94960.5mlEnquire Now
Heroin HRP94990.5mlEnquire Now
Hydrocodone HRP93010.5mlEnquire Now
Hydromorphone HRP92890.5mlEnquire Now
17α HydroxyprogesteroneHRP96470.5mlEnquire Now
Hygromycin B HRP96760.5mlEnquire Now
Ibuprofen HRP96750.5mlEnquire Now
ImipramineHRP93880.5mlEnquire Now
Isoxsuprine HRP92640.5mlEnquire Now
JWH-018 HRP95220.5mlEnquire Now
JWH-018 HRP95230.5mlEnquire Now
Kanamycin HRP92220.5mlEnquire Now
Kebuzone HRP93450.5mlEnquire Now
Ketamine HRP96740.5mlEnquire Now
Ketamine HRP95180.5mlEnquire Now
Ketoprofen HRP93430.5mlEnquire Now
Lasalocid HRP92780.5mlEnquire Now
Leucomalachite Green HRP92670.5mlEnquire Now
Lidocaine HRP95260.5mlEnquire Now
Lidocaine HRP96200.5mlEnquire Now
Lorazepam HRP96070.5mlEnquire Now
LSDHRP92980.5mlEnquire Now
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)HRP94610.5mlEnquire Now
Maduramicin HRP96000.5mlEnquire Now
MDMA HRP96210.5mlEnquire Now
MDPVHRP96840.5mlEnquire Now
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate HRP92330.5mlEnquire Now
Megestrol Acetate HRP92320.5mlEnquire Now
Megestrol HRP93530.5mlEnquire Now
Melengestrol AcetateHRP92310.5mlEnquire Now
Meloxicam HRP93900.5mlEnquire Now
Meperidine-Normeperidine HRP93020.5mlEnquire Now
Meprobamate HRP94560.5mlEnquire Now
Mescaline HRP94470.5mlEnquire Now
Mestanolone HRP94020.5mlEnquire Now
MethadoneHRP93230.5mlEnquire Now
Methamphetamine HRP94670.5ml Enquire Now
Methamphetamine HRP97200.5mlEnquire Now
Methandriol HRP92390.5mlEnquire Now
Methcathinone HRP95350.5mlEnquire Now
MethotrexateHRP94630.5mlEnquire Now
Methylphenidate HRP96270.5mlEnquire Now
Methylprednisolone HRP93910.5mlEnquire Now
Methyltestosterone HRP92370.5mlEnquire Now
Monensin HRP92920.5mlEnquire Now
MorphineHRP96560.5mlEnquire Now
Morphine-6-Hemisuccinate HRP94950.5mlEnquire Now
Mycophenolic AcidHRP94320.5mlEnquire Now
Nalidixic Acid HRP93460.5mlEnquire Now
Naltrexone HRP94540.5mlEnquire Now
Neomycin HRP92250.5mlEnquire Now
Nicarbazin HRP92790.5mlEnquire Now
Nitrazepam HRP94580.5ml Enquire Now
NicarbazinHRP93730.5mlEnquire Now
NorbuprenorphineHRP94030.5mlEnquire Now
Norescitalopram HRP94590.5mlEnquire Now
Norfentanyl HRP95390.5mlEnquire Now
Norfentanyl HRP94750.5mlEnquire Now
Norfluoxetine HRP94620.5mlEnquire Now
Norsertraline HRP94970.5mlEnquire Now
NortriptylineHRP93890.5mlEnquire Now
Ochratoxin A HRP97070.5mlEnquire Now
Olaquindox HRP95200.5mlEnquire Now
Olaquindox HRP95270.5mlEnquire Now
Oxazepam HRP94790.5mlEnquire Now
Oxazepam HRP96610.5mlEnquire Now
Oxolinic Acid HRP92960.5mlEnquire Now
OxycodoneHRP96640.5mlEnquire Now
Oxyphenbutazone HRP93440.5mlEnquire Now
Phenobarbital HRP96700.5mlEnquire Now
Phenytoin HRP94180.5mlEnquire Now
Pirlimycin HRP94060.5mlEnquire Now
Prednisolone HRP96360.5mlEnquire Now
Procainamide HRP96380.5mlEnquire Now
Progesterone HRP92610.5mlEnquire Now
Quinidine HRP96860.5mlEnquire Now
Ractopamine HRP92510.5mlEnquire Now
Ractopamine HRP92520.5mlEnquire Now
Ritodrine HRP92660.5mlEnquire Now
Robenidine HRP96040.5mlEnquire Now
Ronidazole HRP92530.5mlEnquire Now
Ronidazole HRP96800.5mlEnquire Now
SalbutamolHRP93490.5mlEnquire Now
Salicyclic AcidHRP95050.5mlEnquire Now
Salinomycin HRP95190.5mlEnquire Now
Salmeterol HRP93980.5mlEnquire Now
Salvinorin HRP94710.5mlEnquire Now
Secobarbital HRP96720.5mlEnquire Now
SEMHRP93570.5mlEnquire Now
Sirolimus HRP96790.5mlEnquire Now
Spectinomycin HRP95250.5mlEnquire Now
Spiramycin/JasamycinHRP92270.5mlEnquire Now
Stanozolol HRP94660.5ml Enquire Now
StreptomycinHRP94550.5ml Enquire Now
StreptomycinHRP93380.5mlEnquire Now
Sulphabenzamide HRP94080.5mlEnquire Now
Sulphaguanidine HRP92680.5mlEnquire Now
SulphamerazineHRP93470.5mlEnquire Now
SulphanitranHRP94280.5mlEnquire Now
Sulphaphenazole HRP92930.5mlEnquire Now
TestosteroneHRP93050.5mlEnquire Now
TetracyclineHRP92180.5mlEnquire Now
TilidineHRP97060.5mlEnquire Now
Tetracycline(amide)-HRPHRP93670.5mlEnquire Now
Theophylline HRP95370.5mlEnquire Now
Thiabendazole HRP92830.5mlEnquire Now
Thiamphenicol/FlorenicolHRP92760.5mlEnquire Now
Tolfenamic Acid HRP94050.5mlEnquire Now
Toltrazuril HRP93970.5mlEnquire Now
Tacrolimus HRP94240.5mlEnquire Now
Tacrolimus HRP94250.5mlEnquire Now
Tramadol/DesmethyltramadolHRP93040.5mlEnquire Now
Tramadol/NortramadolHRP93030.5mlEnquire Now
Trazodone HRP94510.5mlEnquire Now
Trazodone HRP94520.5mlEnquire Now
Triamcinolone HRP96250.5mlEnquire Now
Triamcinolone Acetonide HRP95010.5mlEnquire Now
Triclabendazole HRP93950.5mlEnquire Now
Trimethoprim HRP92940.5mlEnquire Now
Tylosin/TilmicosinHRP92260.5mlEnquire Now
Urochloralic Acid HRP94740.5mlEnquire Now
Venlafaxine HRP96850.5mlEnquire Now
VirginiamycinHRP92230.5mlEnquire Now
Warfarin HRP96080.5mlEnquire Now
Zaleplon HRP94480.5mlEnquire Now
Zearalenone HRP97120.5mlEnquire Now
ZearalanoneHRP94010.5mlEnquire Now
Zilpaterol HRP92650.5mlEnquire Now
Zolpidem HRP95080.5mlEnquire Now
ZolpidemHRP95090.5mlEnquire Now
Zopiclone HRP95060.5mlEnquire Now

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  • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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