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Randox Laboratories will be attending EuroMedLab from the 19th – 23rd May 2019. Our innovative diagnostic solutions have been developed with consolidation and economy in mind, providing cost savings whilst using pioneering technology.

Diagnostics is our passion. We are dedicated to developing solutions that not only meet your needs, but that are of the highest quality, the most reliable and the most cost-effective. We look forward to meeting you in the Barcelona International Convention Centre, at our booth No. 184.

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Development and clinical evaluation of an automated multi-analyte biochip array for rapid stroke diagnosis | Room 116 | Mon, 20 May 2019 , 14:45 – 15:45

Secreted Phospholipases A2 and Cardiovascular Risk | Room 116 | Tue, 21 May 2019 , 12:30 – 13:30

Novel Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics: A Cross-Platform Comparison | Room 117 | Tue, 21 May 2019, 14:45 – 15:45

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Randox Biosciences is part of Randox Laboratories and is dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics. We provide a variety of services and products to numerous industries including clinical laboratories, biopharma and academic research institutes.

Our revolutionary multiplex Biochip Array Technology includes multiplex protein immunoassays and multiplex nucleic acid arrays, and is delivered via the award winning Evidence range of analysers. Biochip Array Technology is a multi-analyte testing platform facilitating the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample. Biochip provides a unique platform for assessment in a rapid, accurate and easy to use format.


Vivalytic the newest offering from Randox Biosciences brings innovation to the Molecular Diagnostic industry providing tests for respiratory, genitourinary and hospital acquired infections. The Vivalytic platform is capable of both Hi-Plex and Lo-Plex testing. Nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification followed by a suite of detection methods are combined in a truly revolutionary, fully automated platform. Manual preparation, cold chain reagents and the use of multiple devices are no longer required making Vivalytic a unique space-saving, hygienic solution for Molecular Diagnostic testing.

Join our workshop on Tuesday 21st May 2019 to learn more about molecular testing and how 44 pathogens can be tested from a single patient sample.


Leading provider of true third-party controls

With over 390 parameters available in our Acusera range, choice and flexibility is guaranteed. Moreover, the availability of truly independent third-party controls coupled with the added advantages of highly accurate target values, excellent stability and unparalleled quality will enhance performance, save valuable time and minimise waste in any laboratory. Our comprehensive range of multi-analyte controls have been uniquely developed with user convenience in mind. By combining more than 100 parameters in a single vial, laboratories can significantly reduce the need for multiple, costly single analyte controls.

Acusera 24.7

Online QC software with real-time peer group statistics

Designed to help you efficiently review QC data from multiple laboratory instruments on one centralised platform, Acusera 24.7 allows quick and easy identification of QC failures and emerging trends.

Unique access to live peer group updates will reduce time and money spent troubleshooting, helping you to instantly discover if an issue is isolated to your lab or a widespread problem. The added benefit of automatically generated statistics including Sigma Scores, Measurement Uncertainty & Total Error as well as fully interactive charts & reports will enable quick and easy performance monitoring.

Acusera Verify

Meet CLIA requirements with accuracy and ease

Acusera Linearity Sets are designed to challenge a larger section of an instruments reportable range and test if a system’s calibration is still valid. Our linearity materials cover a wide range of testing including, CRP, RF, Lipids, Therapeutic Drugs, Esoterics and more. Designed with user convenience in mind, all our linearity sets are supplied in a liquid format, while also presented in varying levels. Our unique combination of analytes enables laboratories to reduce the number of individual products required while ultimately reducing costs and time.

Complimentary, cloud-based data reduction software is supplied with all linearity sets, providing a graphical representation of results for at-a-glance performance assessment.  Access to instantly updated peer group data and automatically generated statistics also helps to speed up data review.

The World’s Largest International EQA scheme

With over 45,000 laboratory participants in more than 133 countries, the Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) is truly the largest international EQA provider in the world. Our comprehensive product offering currently covers over 360 parameters across 33 flexible programmes. Each RIQAS programme contains a unique combination of parameters meaning laboratories can significantly reduce the number of individual programs required while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Further benefits to a laboratory include accreditation to ISO 17043:2010, frequent reporting, reduced parameter options and access to comprehensive yet user-friendly reports.

Molecular Infectious Disease Controls

Qnostics is a leading manufacturer of Third Party Quality Control solutions for Molecular Infectious Disease testing. Supplying microbiology/virology laboratories, molecular diagnostic assay manufacturers, EQA providers, pharmaceutical and CRO organisations for over a decade.

Designed to meet the demand of today’s molecular diagnostics laboratory and laboratories carrying out Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT), the Qnostics Molecular Infectious Disease range comprises hundreds of characterised viral, bacterial and fungal targets covering a wide range of Transplant Associated Diseases, Respiratory Infections, Blood Borne Viruses, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Gastrointestinal Diseases and Central Nervous System Diseases.

Join our workshop on Tuesday 21st May 2019 to learn more about molecular testing and how 44 pathogens can be tested from a single patient sample.

Molecular External Quality Control

QCMD is a world leading External Quality Assessment (EQA) / Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme, dedicated to improving the quality of molecular diagnostic assays used in the detection of infectious diseases. With an extensive database of over 2000 participants in over 100 countries, QCMD is one of the largest providers of molecular EQA in the field of infectious disease testing.

EQA participants receive an individual report outlining their performance relative to their method and technology groups. A supplementary report may be commissioned – this includes any additional relevant information regarding the annual EQA distribution, as well as scientific expert commentary and feedback on the overall results within that distribution.

Randox Reagents are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality, offering reliable and rapid results. Our product portfolio consists of 113 clinical chemistry assays, covering a range of testing panels, including: antioxidants, diabetes, drugs of abuse testing, cardiology and lipids, specific proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring and veterinary testing.

Randox are continuously striving to improve diagnostic solutions worldwide.  As a result, Randox have produced 29 niche and superior performance assays, including: 5th Generation Bile Acids, Adiponectin, Aldolase, Copper, Cystatin C, D-3-Hydroxybutyrate, G6PDH, H-FABP, Lipoprotein (a), NEFA, HDL2/3 Cholesterol, sdLDL Cholesterol, Total Antioxidant Status and Zinc.

Enhance your Cardiac Testing Panel with sPLA2-IIA!

sPLA2-IIA is thought to be the most highly expressed enzyme from the secretory phospholipase A2 family. sPLA2-IIA is expressed in the normal arterial wall and its expression is readily up-regulated by inflammatory stimuli. It’s production of fatty acids and biologically active phospholipids plays an important role in platelet, monocyte, and endothelial activation, processes known to be critical steps in atherogenesis.

Join our workshop on Tuesday 21st May 2019 to learn more about sPLA2-IIA’s role in inflammatory conditions, including its prediction in cardiovascular risk.

Renowned for quality and reliability, the RX series leads the way with the world’s most extensive dedicated clinical chemistry test menu comprising routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants, veterinary and diabetes testing. Guaranteeing real cost savings through consolidation of routine and specialised tests onto a single platform, the RX series of analysers delivers excellence in patient care, offering unrivalled precision, accuracy and reliability.

RX misano

The RX misano semi-automated analyser has been developed with the user in mind by incorporating a responsive touch-screen display. The sleek ergonomic design boasts intuitive user-friendly software allowing for test menu personalisation and ease of use. The RX misano is capable of high standard, precise results at a competitive price per test.

RX monaco

The RX monaco is a fully automated solution for low to mid volume clinical chemistry testing offering the ultimate in convenience, performance and confidence. At optimal configuration, the RX monaco performs 170 tests per hour providing cost effective, high quality testing.

RX daytona +

The RX daytona+ is a fully automated, benchtop, clinical chemistry analyser capable of performing high quality testing, with a combined throughput of 450 tests per hour, for accurate results you can trust. The most versatile analyser in its class, the RX daytona+ combines robust hardware and intuitive software with the world leading RX series test menu for unrivalled performance with direct HbA1c testing capabilities.

RX imola

The RX imola is a cost-effective system that delivers consistent high-quality results. Capable of handling the workload of a medium to high throughout laboratory and a combined throughput of 560 tests per hour, the RX imola provides rapid, comprehensive testing on a small footprint analyser with direct HbA1c testing capabilities. The RX imola is a fully automated system with random access and STAT sampling functionality, boosting productivity and saving time when it matters most

RX modena

Capable of performing up to 1,200 tests per hour, with direct HbA1c testing capabilities, the RX modena consolidates all your assay requirements onto one intuitive platform. The RX modena boasts icon based, interactive touch-screen technology adding a modern flair to your laboratory.

Find out more about Direct HbA1c
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Randox Toxicology offer the most comprehensive Drugs of Abuse (DoA) test menu across multiple forensic matrices. Our level of expertise in toxicology research and development allows us to adapt quickly to ever changing market influences and develop assays for current and novel drug trends. Excellent assay precision and performance eliminates false reporting, therefore reducing unnecessary confirmatory tests and time lost in the laboratory as a result. Our Biochip Arrays offer CVs typically less than 10%, producing an accurate drug profile to ensure confidence in results.

Evidence series immunoassay analysers guarantee cost-effective, highly accurate and flexible testing solutions. Having been developed to work with patented Biochip Array Technology, this precision multiplex testing platform allows for the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample.

This multiplex system delivers an unrivalled increase in patient information, offering a more in-depth diagnostic profile with each patient sample. This further analysis places the focus on the diagnosis, and on improving patient outcomes.

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View our list of scientific posters that will be on display at EuroMedLab

  • Monday 20th May 2019
  • Tuesday 21st May 2019

Rapid simultaneous screening (less than 23 minutes) of twenty drug classes from a single whole blood sample on the biochip analyser Evidence MultiSTAT | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: P. Robinson (Randox Toxicology)

Evaluation of the effect of more frequent reporting in analytical performance through the use of an international external quality assessment scheme | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: L. Adams (Randox Laboratories Ltd.)

Development of a biochip array for the simultaneous detection of twelve cytokines on the new random access fully automated Evidence Evolution analyser | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: G. Donnellan (Randox Teoranta)

Analytical performance evaluation of an assay for the direct measurement of HbA1c in whole blood on RX series analysers of different throughput | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: E. Lenehan (Randox Laboratories Ltd)

Development of a new biochip based immunoassay for the determination of the bone formation biomarker N-terminal propeptide of type 1 collagen (P1NP) | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: H. Stott  (R&D Randox Biosciences)

Development of a biochip-based immunoassay for the specific detection of the Wnt signalling antagonist DKK1 | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | Presenter: H. Stott  (R&D Randox Biosciences)

Development of a highly specific monoclonal antibody pair for the detection of sclerostin, a regulator of bone turnover | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | A. Connolly (Randox Teoranta)

Biomarker glycosylation evaluation in pancreatic cancer utilizing biochip array technology | Display time: 10.00am – 5.30pm | A. Connolly (Randox Teoranta)

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  • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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