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Stroke Biochip on the Randox MultiSTAT

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05 August 2019

Stroke Biochip


A ground-breaking new test which improves the accuracy of stroke diagnosis has been developed by Randox scientists.

The Randox Stroke Biochip is a rapid and highly sensitive blood test that will complement and enhance existing CT scanning technology to facilitate accurate classification of stroke patients and improve patient care pathways.

With a unique ability to differentiate between ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke, the Randox Stroke Biochip takes less than 30 minutes to complete – making sure patients get the right diagnosis as fast as possible.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Laboratories, whose team developed the test, commented;

“There is great tragedy in the fact that the majority of stroke damage can be minimised if intervention is delivered on time, yet too often the window closes before a diagnosis is made. For doctors, nothing is more frustrating.

“Excellent work has been undertaken to assist the public in recognising the signs of a stroke so people can get to hospital as quickly as possible. Our stroke test is the vital next step – assisting clinicians in making a rapid diagnosis and differentiation between haemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke, so their patients get the right treatment at the right time.”

Using Randox revolutionary patented Biochips, the Randox Stroke Biochip provides a unique solution for simultaneous detection of multiple stroke biomarkers from a single sample, facilitating fast and accurate classification of stroke patients in an emergency setting.


Benefits of the Randox Stroke Biochip

  • Results in 30 minutes on the Evidence MultiSTAT
  • Unique solution for stroke classification
  • Differentiation of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke
  • Guarantees rapid thrombolytic therapy ensuring better patient outcomes


John Lamont, R&D Director for Randox Laboratories, explained the benefits of the Stroke Biochip;

 “While patients undergo a CT scan to confirm either the presence or lack of a haemorrhagic stroke, a blood test on the Randox Biochip can be run on our innovative point-of-care analyser, the Evidence MultiSTAT, to identify the same for an ischaemic stroke.

“For the almost 90% of stroke patients who are ruled out for haemorrhagic stroke1, the Randox Biochip will then accelerate decision making for clinicians with regards to thrombolytic therapy.

 “Any treatment is most effective if started as soon as possible after the stroke occurs, and so every minute that passes without a diagnosis is likely to leave a permanent mark on a stroke patient’s future health and lifestyle.  The vitally important diagnostic information from the Randox Stroke Biochip facilitates accurate stroke classification, directs the appropriate patient care pathway, and enables rapid thrombolytic therapy, ensuring a better patient outcome for ischaemic stroke sufferers, for whom time is of the essence.”

Whilst the Randox Stroke Biochip is currently being used as complementary testing in parallel with CT scanning, Mr Lamont is confident of a more prominent role for the test in the future patient pathway;

“The Biochip has the potential to really revolutionise the stroke diagnosis pathway as we currently know it. The accessibility of this type of blood testing could potentially extend its use beyond the A&E department, to ambulances and even the home, in the form of a hand-held testing device.”

For further information about our pioneering Stroke Biochip please visit us at stand 1101 at this year’s AACC or follow the links below.


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