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Thank you for joining our latest webinar discussing in depth the utilisation of Quality Control software and data metrics to assist in the identification of performance issues.


Throughout the webinar, key speaker Margaret Le Roux, Acusera 24•7 Specialist, highlighted the benefits of implementing a quality control software in a laboratory, specifically focusing on the use of sigma metrics, %bias, total error, uncertainty of measurement and other statistical reports.

This discussion is beneficial for laboratories looking to work more efficiently and effectively. An automated QC software, such as Acusera 24•7, can help to enhance performance assessment, improve QC strategy and meet regulatory requirements.

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Live Demo of Acusera 24•7 QC Management Software


Has our latest webinar interested you in our state-of-the-art Quality Control Data Management Software, Acusera 24•7?

Randox Laboratories are pleased to share our follow up live demonstration of Acusera 24•7.

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