Preanalytical Quality Control Practices in a Clinical Laboratory

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Time: 3pm (CET)
Date: Wednesday, 22nd March, 2023
Speakers: Huub van Rossum – Specialist in Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry at Netherlands Cancer Institute

Serum Indices

The Randox Acusera Serum Indices control is designed to be used to monitor an IVD instrument’s response in the detection of HIL samples. This control can be utilized in laboratory interference testing to assist in improving error detection of pre-analytical errors affecting clinical chemistry testing.

The introduction of high-throughput analysers with a built-in serum-index detection function has improved the assessment of HIL interference in clinical diagnostics. However, it is crucial that the HIL detection performance is stable and accurate over time. 

•    The HIL module may be subject to drift
•    Sample pipetting may have a bias that is calibrated out in most assays but not in the HIL detection
•    HIL sample carryover in cuvettes can be an issue if the cuvette washer is misaligned. 



Guest Speakers

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Martijn Scholte Albers

Sales Manager AKSA Medical

AKSA Medical is an independent distributor in The Benelux. We are specialized in in-vitro Diagnostics.
Because of our expanding international network of different global suppliers we are able to offer a broad range of diagnostics products. The products have a superior quality. Our extensive product range varies from routine laboratory assays to Point of Care testing (POCT)



Huub van Rossum

Specialist in Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry at the Dutch National Cancer Institute

Since 2014, Huub works as a Laboratory Specialist at NKI – Here he is responsible, together with colleagues, for all routine clinical diagnostics. His current research focuses on patient based real-time quality control, the development and improvement of cancer biomarkers, diagnostic validation of tumour biomarkers and implementation of these in routine clinical practice.




Stephen Doherty

Randox RIQAS Global Manager

RIQAS is the largest international EQA Scheme, used by more than 55,000 laboratory participants in over 134 countries worldwide. Stephen recently designed and implemented an EQA Scheme for Serum Indices, and will discuss the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the RIQAS Serum Indices Programme.