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Randox offers an extensive range of third party diagnostic reagents which are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality; producing accurate and precise results. We have the largest test menu of over 100 assays, covering over 100 disease markers including specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs of abuse, antioxidants, coagulation, diabetes and veterinary testing.

Some of the key benefits of Randox Reagents include:

Reduced costs

Randox reagents can help create cost-savings for laboratories through excellent reagent stability; by eliminating the need for costly re-runs through the excellent quality of products. We also offer a range of kit sizes including smaller kit sizes for niche tests to reduce waste.

Reduce the risk of errors and have confidence in patient results

Our traceability of material and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances ensure uniformity across reagent batches reducing lot-to-lot variability. In addition, our assays are validated against gold-standard methods, giving you the confidence that you are sending out the correct patient results.

Reduced labour

Reduce your time spent on running tests through liquid ready-to-use reagents, automated methods (compared to the traditional laborious ELISA methods used for some tests such as cystatin C or adiponectin) as well as our easy-fit options.

Expand your routine testing

With speciality assays for 195 of the most common clinical chemistry analysers; assays which usually require dedicated equipment, or was previously only available as an ELISA, can now be run on automated biochemistry analysers, allowing your laboratory to expand its routine test menu. For example, cystatin C, adiponectin, TxBCardio™ and many more.

Bring testing in-house

With smaller kit sizes and excellent reagent stability (most are stable for 28 days on-board the analyser), you don’t have to worry about reagent wastage, allowing testing to be brought in-house rather than sent to external laboratories.

Expand your test menu without expanding your lab

There is no need to buy any extra equipment in order to expand your test menu. Our reagents can be programmed onto the majority of the most common biochemistry analysers. At present, we have hundreds of applications available.


Visit our Reagents Resource Hub and Download our reagents brochure for information on the full range of biochemistry reagents.

Randox reagents are available for a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers. For more information, please contact reagents@randox.com