Randox Health launches new partnership with leading UK retailer John Lewis

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Northern Ireland headquartered diagnostics company Randox has announced an exciting new partnership with the leading UK retailer, John Lewis & Partners.

From next month John Lewis customers will be able to benefit from Randox Health’s comprehensive preventative health programmes at stores in High Wycombe, Bluewater in Dartford
and Cheltenham, with more to follow in 2024. The addition of in-store Randox Health clinics marks a natural evolution in the growing range of personalised wellness services from John Lewis.

The range of Randox Health programmes on offer to John Lewis customers are:                           

• Everyman and Everywoman which each provide up to 150 data points linked to key health
areas. A personalised health plan summarising the results is provided, with retesting
six months after the initial test.

• The Signature health programme offers 350 data points, genetic testing, and GP
consultation, and retesting after 6 months.

• Everyathlete which offers key health insights to help optimise training, and nutrition for
maximum performance.

• Specific packages focussed on preventative health, including gut, fertility, hormonal, male
and female health as well as genetic testing.

In store appointments will be undertaken within branded Randox Health facilities and consultation rooms, conducted by experienced Randox healthcare professionals.

Once samples have been analysed within Randox’s Laboratories, clients are provided with comprehensive diagnostics report within 2-5 working days of the initial appointment, including a
breakdown of results, what they mean and next steps. Alongside post-report consultations, the user-friendly report can also be shared with other medical professionals.

Naomi Simcock, Executive Director, John Lewis, said, ‘As trusted places for local communities across the country, our stores can play an important role by making vital services
like healthcare more convenient and accessible.

Coupled with this, customers are increasingly seeking personalised, preventative health and wellbeing care. In Randox we have an experienced and innovative partner to grow our range of
in-store services, to help customers proactively manage their health. Together with our range of inspirational instore services, our customers are able to enjoy an array of experiences to meet
their needs and wants.”

Dr. Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Health said, ‘We are delighted to work together with John Lewis to bring innovative preventative healthcare directly to customers. Our
comprehensive testing packages, using Randox’s unique technologies and data analytics, provide the foundation for individuals to take greater control of their health and optimise the potential to live well for longer. Randox’s presence in John Lewis stores will increasingly improve accessibility to leading healthcare prevention and wellbeing.”