Randox launches world’s most comprehensive third party haematology control

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Randox Laboratories has launched a third party multi-analyte haematology control; the most comprehensive haematology quality control (QC) solution on the market to date. 

Recently CE marked, Randox’s Acusera Haematology control contains 45 parameters – more than any other haematology control on the market – enabling labs to completely cover the commonly tested full blood profile in a single control. It provides a true third party QC solution for Sysmex haematology analysers, with clinically relevant target values provided for instruments with 5-part differential technology guaranteeing an unbiased, independent assessment of analytical performance.

The new control is liquid ready-to-use for added convenience, with open vial stability for 14 days for all analytes when stored at +2 to +8°c. The tri-level controls have barcoded labels enabling quick and easy sample recognition and increased productivity.

Steven Jordan, Global Business Manager, Randox Quality Control said:

“This new control from Randox effectively trebles laboratory efficiency in blood testing by streamlining the quality controls process, helping laboratories to drastically cut the number of costly and time-consuming single controls they need to use to cover the full blood profile.”