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World Kidney Day 2021

11th March 2021 is World Kidney Day, a worthy global campaign aimed at tackling “the hot topic everyone’s ignoring”.

Raising awareness of a disease that ‘one in every nine’ people worldwide suffer from, is something we take seriously.

Here at Randox, our vision is to improve healthcare worldwide and ensure patients across the globe have access to the latest advancements in clinical diagnostics to tackle diseases such as Chronic Kidney Disease.

This year World Kidney Day 2021 focuses on being able to live well with kidney disease. Many of us take for granted being able to live a normal life without the side effects such as fatigue, pain, depression, sleep problems etc. However Kidney disease can be huge challenge patients and those around them. The impacts of kidney disease can take a toll of day to day life and the ability to participate in activities such as work, travel, and socialising.

Kidney diseases are very common and can be harmful, but the good news is they are also very treatable!

Randox offer a comprehensive panel of kidney health tests, working to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis of kidney function problems to combat patient challenges early.

For example, low levels of albumin indicate signs of kidney damage in the early stages when diagnosis is key. Testing for albumin can identify individuals with diabetic nephropathy (damage to the kidneys caused by diabetes) around 10 years earlier than standard protein tests. The Randox albumin test can therefore enable preventative measures to be taken to reduce your risk of developing kidney disease.

With early diagnosis we can improve patient treatment outcomes and reduce the number of people across the world suffering with kidney health problems.

If you are a clinician or lab interested in running renal function assays, download our Reagents Brochure or email

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