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Antigen testing

COVID-19 Antigen Testing Service launched at Dublin Airport

22 February 2021

Travelling to a country that requires antigen testing?

Antigen Testing is the fastest and cheapest of all lab tests for COVID-19 and is now available at our Dublin Travel Centre for just €49.  Testing is conducted using a nose and throat (nasopharyngeal) swab with your results available within 1 hour.

Sometimes called a ‘lateral flow test’, it will reveal if a person is currently infected with a pathogen such as SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19.  Unlike a PCR test (which detects the presence of genetic material) antigen tests detect proteins or glycans, such as spike proteins found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus.

Paul Turnbull, Randox Global Business Manager says;

“When it comes to travel, we started to see more and more countries across Europe state that they would only accept a negative PCR result and that has remained the case, as countries only want the most sensitive technology.  Some countries however, such as the Netherlands, Germany & Sweden, require antigen testing as a secondary test before entry.”

Antigens remain in the body during infection and disappear once the COVID-19 infection has gone, so testing for antigens can identify those who whilst asymptomatic, are currently infected with, and could still be spreading the virus.  It is thought that around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms, so a test that rapidly detects these otherwise hidden cases is a very useful additional tool for tackling the virus.

It is important to note that no test is 100% accurate and all tests have limitations. The preferred testing for COVID-19 is still the gold standard PCR testing due to its high sensitivity methodology.  PCR testing requires samples to be sent back to our COVID-19 laboratory in County Antrim, which is why it can take up to 24hours to receive results for a PCR test, as opposed to 1 hour for antigen testing.

The Randox Health Dublin Airport Testing Centre offers both PCR and Antigen testing for travel and peace of mind.

Before booking an antigen testing appointment please confirm with your destination that this method is accepted as a means for entry.   If flying the same day, please book your test 4 hours before your flight departure time.

Visit to book your appointment.


Randox Health offers a range of COVID-19 testing services for fit to fly, test to release, workplace testing or simply for peace of mind.

Order a home sample collection kit, book an appointment at a Randox Health Travel Centre (available in the UK and Ireland) or visit a Randox Mobile Laboratory (located at Heathrow and Liverpool Airports).

COVID-19 antibody testing is available in Randox Health Clinics.



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