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Family Business Week

Randox Supports Family Business Week 21st-25th November 2022



The theme for Family Business Week 2022 is ‘Celebrating Our Place in the World’.  It will highlight the central role family firms play in shaping and supporting their local communities, economy and natural environment. The campaign is led by the IFB, the voice of the UK’s family business sector and supported by NatWest.

In honour of this week, Randox would like to share our family business history:

In April 1982, Randox Laboratories was founded by Dr Peter Fitzgerald from a converted chicken house off Randox Road, near Crumlin in Antrim, where he had grown up.

FitzGerald started out using equipment discarded by university research labs but, through decades of hard work and innovation, slowly built the company into a market leader. Randox Laboratories is now the largest diagnostics company from the UK with over 40 years of experience operating in over 145 countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw Randox Laboratories on the front line for testing for the Covid-19 virus across the UK and Ireland. After downloading the virus genetic sequence in January 2020, Randox were able to quickly develop a test. This meant that by March 2020, Randox were provided with a contract by Public Health England to test as part of the National Testing Program.

After investing in 78,000 sq ft of laboratory testing space and hiring additional staff, Randox were able to process over 25million PCR tests as part of the National Testing Program as well as private testing allowing a return to work and travel.

Expanding into the travel market and providing an essential service to people to travel to see loved ones after years in isolation.  There was a realisation that the future landscape for healthcare has changed forever.  People have become used to testing themselves.  People want to know the status of their health and are actively taking control of their health and wellbeing.

Randox Health has recently made significant investment to deliver our preventative, personalised testing packages across the nation and are opening up to 25 Randox Health clinics in the short term – In England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Randox Health clinics focus on the provision of cost-effective, timely and accurate testing to identify risk to health, improve clinical diagnoses and promote preventative healthcare.  Our aim is to improve and save lives through early detection of disease.

The growing network of clinics provide easy access for millions of people to a new Randox range of diagnostic tests, including for cancer, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, allergies and key health concerns including heart, liver, and kidney conditions. Real time insights on current and future health risks are provided to empower clients to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes giving them the power to extend their lives.

Randox clinics also offer a new range of comprehensive diagnostic programmes, including the ‘EveryMan’ and ‘EveryWoman’ 12-month programmes/full body ‘MOTs’. These enable up to 150 data points linked to key health areas to be measured during each visit with a personalised health plan summarising results provided. Repeat tests and consultation will be arranged six months after the initial test, included in the testing programme prices, which start at £295 per person.

Happy Family Business Week 2022!

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