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Kate Umphray, student of BSc Marketing at Ulster University, tells us about her experience of Randox’s APEX program, our forward-thinking opportunity for students to gain placements in their first year of studies – with just one tweet!

For 10 weeks I have been working in Randox Laboratories with the incredible Biosciences marketing team – the dream opportunity for any first year marketing student! After (nervously) uploading a short video to “Twitter” and an interview, I was one of the lucky few to be chosen for the APEX internship with Randox.

My short time in Randox has been jam packed with fantastic marketing based projects, such as a customer mapping project, social media campaigns for Twitter and blog writing for the Biosciences website. An area that I am very interested in is sales. Because of this, my product group, Randox Biosciences, tailored my placement so that I could get some idea of what a sales role entails.  I gained valuable advice and guidance from speaking with members of the sales team and having had the opportunity to help with sales leads from events, they have helped me shape my future career path.

A highlight for me from this placement was being able to attend the 2016 Global Sales Conference in which Dr. Peter FitzGerald publicly announced that Randox had reached the £1 billion mark in sales! Whilst at the conference, I also had the opportunity to learn about upcoming product releases and the other existing revolutionary products Randox manufactures and sells.

The APEX programme is one that I would encourage anyone in business, science and engineering to pursue. Within the business sector, working in a diverse marketing team with marketing executives, graphic designers, sales executives and other placement students has enhanced my understanding of a marketing role immensely. I feel more confident in my decisions as a marketer and it has made me aware of other roles that I would love to pursue, that I wouldn’t have known about before!


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