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APEX | Kate Umphray: My 10 Weeks with Randox

Kate Umphray, student of BSc Marketing at Ulster University, tells us about her experience of Randox’s APEX program, our forward-thinking opportunity for students to gain placements in their first year of studies – with just one tweet!

For 10 weeks I have been working in Randox Laboratories with the incredible Biosciences marketing team – the dream opportunity for any first year marketing student! After (nervously) uploading a short video to “Twitter” and an interview, I was one of the lucky few to be chosen for the APEX internship with Randox.

My short time in Randox has been jam packed with fantastic marketing based projects, such as a customer mapping project, social media campaigns for Twitter and blog writing for the Biosciences website. An area that I am very interested in is sales. Because of this, my product group, Randox Biosciences, tailored my placement so that I could get some idea of what a sales role entails.  I gained valuable advice and guidance from speaking with members of the sales team and having had the opportunity to help with sales leads from events, they have helped me shape my future career path.

A highlight for me from this placement was being able to attend the 2016 Global Sales Conference in which Dr. Peter FitzGerald publicly announced that Randox had reached the £1 billion mark in sales! Whilst at the conference, I also had the opportunity to learn about upcoming product releases and the other existing revolutionary products Randox manufactures and sells.

The APEX programme is one that I would encourage anyone in business, science and engineering to pursue. Within the business sector, working in a diverse marketing team with marketing executives, graphic designers, sales executives and other placement students has enhanced my understanding of a marketing role immensely. I feel more confident in my decisions as a marketer and it has made me aware of other roles that I would love to pursue, that I wouldn’t have known about before!


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Careers Tips | Don’t Get Stressed… Deskercise!

Ever wonder how motivated and successful people stay so calm at work? Here at Randox, we know that even the most enjoyable careers can get stressful, even for the most motivated employees!

According to a CIPD Absence Management Survey the number one cause for long term sickness is stress. When the paperwork begins to pile up and to-do lists become longer it can be difficult not to let the mounting pressure get to you. But, there’s good news! Exercise is not only for the body, but the mind too. Exercise at work can improve our mental wellbeing improving our ability to deal with the pressure/stress in our working lives. So, if you want to keep your cool like John from H.R., here’s some tips on how you can make some changes today towards improving your mood (even on Mondays!)

1. Get up a go. We all realise how important exercise is but making the time for it in our busy lives can be difficult. Why not make simple changes increasing the amount of physical activity you can squeeze into your day. Take the stairs whenever you can. Perhaps even park your car in a space further away meaning more time to stretch your legs.

2. Stretch at your desk. Research by the NHS says Adults in the UK are sitting for 7 hours a day! Find yourself staring at your computer screen all day? Alternate your tasks at works. Why not even try the CIPD suggested “chairobics”…stretches you can do without even leaving your chair such as rotating your shoulders. Chairobics is so widely praised there’s even sit-down aerobics classes based on teaching people how to get moving at their desk!

3. Clear your head. Don’t be afraid to take a screen-break every now and again. I know it can seem like you’re wasting your precious work time, but clearing your head of the stresses you accumulate at work will give you a clearer perspective on things ensuring you remain motivated and more productive. There is a long history of research into breaks and the correct amount of time for a computer-break. Employers first began offering the break because of its effects of revival on work quality. Not only does it revive your work, however, it revives you! Physical activity goes a long way contributing to improving your own mental well being. Any activity that makes you feel good does well. Feeling good boosts your productivity in work and as the saying goes “Nothing will work unless you do”.

4. Sit up straight. Good posture at your desk will improve your breathing making you feel calmer and therefore less like likely to get stressed no matter what work related task is thrown your way. Bad posture, on the other hand can cause many problems such as pains, and headaches. Try this. Roll your shoulders back and straighten your spine. Lift you chin up. How much better do you feel? More motivated and ready to take on the world of work? Don’t question the power of good posture on your mood!

In conclusion, we quote Ziggy Marley; “Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.”  We all want to be as cool as a cucumber in stressful situations at work so the next time you’re feeling under pressure try some of these tips and smile! It’s Friday, afterall!

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Workplace exercise randox motivated

We Are Randox | Making Great Teams in the Lab and on the Pitch!

Our Randox employees are multi-talented – not only in their roles as world-class scientists, software developers, engineers, marketeers and sales people, but also in their lives outside work.  At Randox we have swimmers, cyclists, dancers, musicians, horse riders…the list goes on!  And at Randox Teoranta, we have a group of Randox employees who work together as a team not only in the labs, but also on the pitch!


This weekend, our Randox Teoranta football team took part in a number of challenging football games at the Mary from Dungloe Annual Soccer Tournament. The tournament kicked off on Saturday 30th  of July at 10.30am and continued on throughout the day, with six teams from across the County taking part; Gweedore Celtic, Glenea Utd, St. Catherine’s, Strand Rovers, Randox, and the Keadue Rovers.

The Randox Teoranta team comprises of a number of experienced football players, some of whom already play for prestigious clubs in the area;

  • Ciaran Ferry, Lead Manufacturing Operator – currently plays for Gweedore Celtic in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Shaun Boyle, Manufacturing Operator – currently plays for Keadue Rovers in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Kevin Boyle, Manufacturing Operator – former Keadue Rovers player
  • Daniel Melly, Mechanical Design Engineer – currently plays for Keadue Rovers in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Darren McGeever, Mechanical Design Engineer – currently plays for Glenea Utd in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Ryan Kettle, Biochip Formulation Operative – currently plays for Drumkeen Utd in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Daryl Devenney, Scientist – currently plays for Keadue Rovers
  • Mal Mc Fadden, Stores Operative – former Keadue Rovers player
  • Aidan O’Donnell, Stores Operative – currently plays for Strand Utd in the Donegal Soccer League
  • Robert Farrell, Stores Operative – former Home Farm player

Team Manager and current Chairman of Keadue Rovers Football Club, Ben Boyle, commented;

“The Mary from Dungloe soccer tournament was the first competition for our newly formulated Randox team, and we were all excited to represent our company.  As you can see, a lot of our players were playing against their own respective clubs such as Keadue Rovers, Gweedore Celtic, Glenea Utd and Strand Utd, who all took part, so there was certainly some friendly rivalry on the day!”

The Teo team successfully won one of their four matches during the tournament which saw Glenea Utd of the Donegal Senior League take home the coveted Perpetual Cup. Randox lost to the eventual winners of the tournament in their first game by a narrow 1 goal margin. In their second game they lost 2-0 to Strand Rovers but hit form in their third encounter against Gweedore Celtic. Teo emerged as winners when the whistle blew at 3-0, with goals from Darren McGeever, Mal McFadden and Daryl Devenney. The Teo team unfortunately lost their fourth match 1-0 after a very close encounter with Keadue Rovers.

A victory against Keadue would have seen Teo reach a play off to make the final but it just wasn’t to be on this occasion.   The final then saw Glenea Utd and Keadue rovers go head-to-head, leaving Glenea victorious on penalties and emerging the victors of the tournament.

The tournament on the Shorefront pitch followed a week jam-packed full of activities during the Mary from Dungloe Festival, including a visit from the Marys to Randox Teoranta for a guided tour of the facilities.

On Sunday, Eva Ni Dhoibhlinn was then officially announced as Mary from Dungloe at a Crowning Cabaret which was televised on Irish TV.

Shaun Boyle, Randox Teoranta Football Team Captain, enjoyed taking part in the tournament, which he described as a much-loved and eagerly anticipated event during the Mary from Dungloe festival;

 “All of us in the Randox team gave it our all.  During such a popular event as the annual Mary from Dungloe Soccer Tournament, we were of course up against top quality opposition, but played our absolute best. We may need a few diagnostic kits to analyse our injuries from the tournament – especially for the older players in the squad!”

Ciaran Richardson, Head of R&D at Randox Teoranta, congratulated the team on their efforts and is looking forward to seeing the team play in their next big game;

“From everyone at Randox I’d like to say a big well done to all the players in the Randox Teo football team. They played exceptionally well and it was great to see their teamwork in the workplace transfer on to the pitch.”


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Back row pictured left to right: Ben Boyle (Manager), Mal McFadden, Ciaran Ferry, Daryl Devenney , Daniel Melly, Darren McGeever, Robert Farrell Front row pictured left to right: Aidan O’Donnell, Kevin Boyle, Shaun Boyle (Team Captain), Ryan Kettle

We Are Randox | Rajneesh’s Night at the Races for Team USA!

Recognised by Randox for his efforts, Rajneesh Mathur has been the recipient of multiple awards. And this year, his actions reflected the true team-spirit of Randox’s US team. Here’s his story…

With a workforce of over 1,400 employees, and careers spanning 145 countries, Randox teams from all across the globe benefit from a strong support network of colleagues who work together to realise our vision of saving and improving lives. In recent months, we believe one employee has illustrated this value perfectly. This employee is Director of Business Development for Randox USA, Rajneesh Mathur.

Rajneesh is a truly inspirational leader, frequently being recognised for his professional abilities within the Randox team. Earlier this year, Randox awarded Rajneesh with the ‘Exceptional Achievements Award’, for his hard work and impressive selling prowess in the US market. Later in the year, he was awarded again in recognition for his ‘Special Endeavours and Loyalty’ to Randox; an award which also included a generous bonus.

However, Randox could never have anticipated the kindness of what Rajneesh did next. In an outstanding gesture of team spirit, Rajneesh volunteered to fund a mini-break for employees of the Randox USA team in West Virginia. He wanted to acknowledge that his success relies upon the commitment of the USA Office Staff who support his endeavours, and to highlight that without a supportive team, even the greatest of leaders cannot achieve great things.

We wanted to know a little more about Rajneesh’s story, so we sat down to talk about the successes of the US team. He commented: 

“Our success in the US market this year has truly been a team effort.  Without a strong support team in place, the Sales Staff would not be able to do their job, and so I wanted to make a token gesture that highlighted our cohesion and support for one another. Success for one person in our team, is success for all of us. Recognition of everyone’s hard work helps strengthen our bond and commitment to Randox.”

During their outing, Rajneesh and the other members of the Randox USA team attended the Charlestown Races on Saturday 23rd July, funded by Rajneesh’s altruism. All the staff members then stayed at Hampton Inn and Suites Hilton, and each of the US team was even able to bring a friend or family member to stay!

Rajneesh continued to tell us about the celebratory events the Randox USA team enjoyed together;

“We decided to continue with the Randox Health Grand National theme by going to the Charlestown Races. We had an epic buffet dinner, and then enjoyed the horse races. It was a good opportunity to mingle in a relaxed setting and get to know each other better.  We all enjoyed a wonderful evening and it was fantastic to be able to celebrate our success together. Randox is such a fantastic place to work – there is such a great sense of comradery. It was great to be able to recognize that.”

Rajneesh was given yet another award following this act of kindness. Instead of for his brilliant sales and business skills, this time he was recognised for his display of generosity. Rajneesh was awarded the ‘Special Recognition Award’ at our Global Sales Conference, which took place in the Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick, earlier this month, making this event a truly celebratory time as he joined Randox in celebrating £1 billion in sales!

Thank you, Rajneesh, for truly showing the meaning of the word “teamwork”! We feel incredibly lucky to have team members like you on board!


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Randox USA team
Pictured left to right: Rajneesh Mathur, Douglas Bramblett, Denise Anderson, Kaela Kalkhoff, Caitlyn DeLashmutt, Patti Maxwell, Erin Thompson, Shawn Franklin, Cheryl O’Hagan.

The Secrets of the Aging Process

Age is associated with increases in body weight, body fat, abdominal fat, deterioration of muscles, and arthritis. However, everything in the body happens at the cellular level. Outward signs of aging that you may see, such as wrinkles and grey hair, are only symptoms of what is happening on a microscopic scale.

A study carried out by Raul A Martins, using the RX imola, outlined an experiment, investigating how we can affect our own inner-biological make-up, on a much deeper scale than muscle build-up, through exercise and activity:

“To investigate the training effect of sixteen weeks of moderate intensity, progressive aerobic and strength-based training on metabolic health of old women and men. Sixty three sedentary individuals were randomly assigned to control or exercising groups. The training group was separated to aerobic or strength-based. Training took place 3 times a week. Subjects agreed not to change their diet or lifestyle over the experimental period. Exercising group attained after treatment significant differences on body weight, waist circumference, body mass index, diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol relationship, high sensitivity C-reaction protein and 6 minute walk distance. The control group only had significant differences on waist circumference” wrote R.A. Martins and colleagues, university of Coimbra.”

As shown in the experiment, exercising does not only affect our muscle mass and body fat index. It does, in fact, affect us on a cellular level.

Before outward aging symptoms are expressed, your cells, your DNA, and everything that makes up you is reacting to your lifestyle and responding appropriately. A particularly lifestyle-sensitive part of your DNA associated with aging are telomeres.

Telomeres are caps at the ends of DNA strands, made up of a combination of DNA and protein. They protect the ends of the chromosome and keep them stable. Telomeres, however,  are incredibly sensitive and have a tendency to become damaged and unravel, prompting a process called “telomere shortening”. Telomeres are associated with the changing nature of our bodies, and therefore, are classed as important aging biomarkers – with their length indicating lifespan. Each time our cells divide, our telomeres shorten. After many dozens of years of cell division, these biomarkers have reached a point where they can longer become any shorter. At this point, cell division discontinues and this is where aging will occur, as cells begin to die faster than they are created. Our body begins to break down. Effects such as hair falling out and skin sagging, are all symptoms of telomere damage or shortening. Telomere shortening has not only been associated with aging, but also age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

There is good news, Martins noted in his experiment that exercise appears to keep telomeres from unravelling, shortening and becoming damaged, and therefore, can be classed as a natural anti-aging activity.

Through examining white blood cells, scientists can monitor telomere shortening (and damaging) whilst monitoring exercise and lifestyle of subjects. Another group of scientists in Germany conducted a similar experiment, gathering women and men of different ages to examine their lifespans relative to exercising, they noted:

The sedentary older subjects had telomeres that were on average 40 percent shorter than in the sedentary young subjects, suggesting that the older subjects’ cells were, like them, aging. The runners, on the other hand, had remarkably youthful telomeres, a bit shorter than those in the young runners, but only by about 10 percent. In general, telomere loss was reduced by approximately 75 percent in the aging runners. Or, to put it more succinctly, exercise, Dr. Werner says, ‘‘at the molecular level has an anti-aging effect.’’

(Gretchen Reynolds, 2010)

So, to put a number on it, studies show, exercise can reduce the aging process by up to a whopping 75%.

As well as it’s anti-aging properties, there are a surplus of other benefits of exercising, such as increased release of endorphins and relieving of muscular pain. Currently, there’s a good deal of research being conducted into potential drug based approaches for telomere shortening, yet these drugs are still years away. So, for now, exercise and healthy eating is the only known way to stave off aging… As if we needed another healthy reason to get active!

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Read more about the experiment conducted on the RX imola:

Martins, R.A. et al. Effects of aerobic and strength-based training on metabolic health indicators in older adults. Lipids Health Dis. 2010, 9: 76.

Robot hand holding pill to slow down aging process

We Are Randox | Amy McIlwaine’s Camp Wakonda Story

Randox’s Public Relations Executive, Amy McIlwaine, tells us about her time in New York State, working in Camp Wakonda (Homes for the Homeless) 

We’re celebrating the bright and vibrant lives of Randox employees, and the way in which these inspiring individuals have helped to make Randox as great as it is today. Stay up to date with the #WeAreRandox hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to hear more stories.

We were discussing our most inspiring moments with Amy McIlwaine, Public Relations Executive of Randox Laboratories, this week. She told us a story of her time volunteering with children in New York State that we knew we had to share! We hope her story inspires you as much as it did us:
Here is Amy’s story:

“During my years at school and at University I worked as a part-time lifeguard in a local pool.  I’ve always been quite ambitious, so, when the time came to graduate and I decided to do some overseas work, I applied to be Waterfront Director at a camp in New York State, called Camp Wakonda.

When I say the words ‘Summer camp’ to people they usually picture expensive facilities with music suites, maybe some horse stables and jet-skis, with a love-able rogue Joe Jonas lookalike thrown in for good measure, but Camp Wakonda wasn’t quite like that!

Camp Wakonda is a Summer camp that is run by the Homes for the Homeless organisation, and accepts children between 6 and 10 years old who are homeless and living in New York shelters.

The camp has limited resources, cabins with no electricity, and various (sometimes) friendly camp companions such as bears, chipmunks and rattlesnakes (we were in the middle of the woods). Children came to camp with very few belongings – sometimes even without a decent pair of shoes.  But in spite of all that, it’s one of my favourite places on this earth.  Being free from the stresses of everyday life (mind you, working with 90 children at a time brings a different kind of stress!) is wonderfully liberating and living in the middle of nature brings a certain serenity.

Although we had such limited resources, we had the time of our lives!  You learn to be really creative – we had themed days throughout the summer like a Harry Potter banquet, a ‘Fairytales of Wakonda’ pantomime, and even Christmas on the 25th July! That one was probably my favourite – some of the children had never had a real Christmas before.  I’m happy to admit that I welled up when I saw how incredibly excited they were at receiving just one small gift.”

Smiling from ear-to-ear, Amy went on to highlight the importance of the camp she worked in, in offering homeless children from New York the opportunity to just enjoy being kids, and how this inspired her:

“The spirit of the children, and the counsellors, at Camp Wakonda is something that I had not come across before, and have not come across since.  For children who have had such a difficult upbringing, they came to camp with the biggest smiles on their faces, and the smallest things like three hot meals a day meant the world to them. It was great to see them free from the stresses of their unfortunate circumstances. For me, as their swimming teacher, nothing made me smile more than when a child came running up to me shouting ‘Miss Amy, I learned how to float today!’ or when a camper who had been so scared of the water finally got in and had a beaming smile from ear-to-ear when I handed them a swimming certificate. Many of the children had never left the city, and so had never experienced some of the things that we take for granted – like being able to see the stars in the sky at night.

I lived and worked in Wakonda for three months during 2014, and went back again in 2015, as Unit Leader of the older girl’s unit.  I was responsible for counselor training, and the welfare of both the girl campers and the female counselors. When you’re practically working 24/7 for three months, the children become your entire life – everything that you do is with their needs in mind. Because of this, the children are so grateful of the time and attention that the counselors give them.

The work that Homes for the Homeless does for those kids is amazing, it really makes a difference to their lives, and I’m so glad that I have been part of it.”

Find out more about Camp Wakonda in this NY 1 News coverage video, here.

Randox wouldn’t be the innovative and caring healthcare company it is today without the hard work of young people with fresh perspectives and world experience like Amy – so we’re delighted that she has brought her enthusiasm to our team! We hope her story inspired you to take part in your community through volunteering. For us, we never stop. We’re helping to improve healthcare and diagnostics through consistent hard work, because for us, this means saving lives.

If you’re looking for a career in Business, Science or Engineering, let Randox be the next step in your adventure!

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We Are Randox | Omagh Speed Networking promotes careers in STEM

We’re sure you’ve heard of “Speed Dating”, but what about “Speed Networking”? Randox’s R&D Scientist, Dr. Dwaine Vance tried it out to spread the word about Randox Careers in STEM!

Dr Dwaine Vance visited Omagh High School to represent Randox Careers. He sat down with us, and we discussed the importance of the event. Dr. Vance told us:

On Wednesday the 15th June I represented Randox Careers at a ‘speed networking’ event at Omagh High School. This involved groups of students moving from one employer stand to the next for a 5 minute ‘mini network’. There was two sessions during the morning involving GCSE level pupils. The aim of the ‘speed networking’ event was to provide pupils with opportunities to meet local Northern Irish companies within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sectors, of which Randox Laboratories play a pivotal role.

We, at Randox, want to inspire students to think about their own career plans and to allow them to gather information about the local job market. By doing this, we’re also giving them the opportunity to be aware of the jobs that are available and the importance of STEM related subjects,  as well as letting them see how employers value their other curriculum subjects and their personal skills and attributes.   My objective as a employee of Randox was to showcase a range of careers for all abilities within the company with a focus on STEM careers e.g. science and engineering.

The importance of spreading awareness of the opportunities in science and engineering from a young age is imperative, as many students are unaware of the vast range of differentiation in different careerpaths, stemming from one subject or degree class. Dr. Dwaine Vance went on to discuss the events of the networking conference:

As part of each ‘mini network’ I provided students with a brief overview of Randox. Students were given the opportunity to watch videos depicting our expertise and to ask questions about how their interests could be incorporated within Randox. The training department at Randox provided me with pop-up stands, recruitment pathway brochures, merchandise e.g. pens, stopwatches, mug coasters and even Biochip Array Technology key rings!

Overall the students gained a good knowledge of Randox, they were particularly keen to learn about the local and global opportunities available at Randox. In addition, students were keen to know more about the veterinary aspect of Randox. It was comforting to discover that the majority of pupils had previous knowledge of the Randox brand from the press (as we have recently experienced a great boost in brand visibility through Grand national sponsorship), Randox health (television adverts) and Confidante (local radio stations).

The pupils at Omagh High School were keen to ask me about my role within the company and what my day to day roles and responsibilities are. I was happy to provide students with my research and development activities and they were interested to hear that I was involved in the development of a genetic test that aims to predict your future risk of heart disease by investigating your own DNA.

At Randox I am part of a small team of experienced research scientists that are developing a genetic risk prediction test for heart disease and myocardial infarction. This test aims to simultaneously genotype 20 genetics variants that have been previously associated with increased risk of heart disease. This Randox molecular test is in collaboration with leading University academics and will help reduce the burden of heart disease throughout the world by providing an accurate risk assessment of disease so personalised treatment can be provided to those who require it most. To quote Randox Health, “Prevention is better than cure”.

From everyone at the Randox Careers team and from Dr. Dwaine Vance, we’d like to thank Omagh High School for inviting us to attend this incredibly beneficial Speed Networking event, where we feel we have truly impacted the young minds of tomorrow. We look forward to the future of diagnostics, with you!

Dr Dwaine Vance at Omagh High School to promote Careers in STEM
Dr Dwaine Vance, pictured with Mrs. Paula Burns, teacher and Head of Careers at Omagh High School at STEM event

Hearing Loss Linked with Common Household Products, Study Finds

Hearing loss is often associated with old age, tinnitus or balance disorders. However, studies show that anyone can be affected by hearing loss, at any age if exposed to a chemical present in many common household products.


Chances are, you take your senses for granted. Associated generally with deterioration in old age, we never assume we will go deaf or blind in our younger years. Nevertheless, approximately 3 million children in the USA suffer from hearing loss and this number is on the rise. (CHC, 2016)

In 2006, a study was released detailing the mysterious premature hearing loss of a collection of employees in a manufacturing site in Taiwan, specialising in adhesive materials. Chang, Chen, Lien, and Sung narrowed the phenomenon that was the loss of the worker’s auditory sense down to the responsibility of one chemical: Toluene.

Chemical-induced hearing loss, also known as “ototoxicity”, can affect anyone of any age and today, there are over 200 known ototoxic medications on the market known to cause damage to the inner ear containing chemicals largely known to induce ototoxicity such as Syrene and Xylene.

However, sold in many high-street shops, you’ll find the biggest player in the cause of ototoxicity: Toluene. Toluene is a major component of paints, varnishes, petroleum, printing inks, degreasers, adhesives, cigarette smoke, glues, thinners, and plastics. Exposure to Toluene, such as inhalation, ingestion or skin contact, is known to cause not only hearing loss, but commonly can be a factor in causing Tinnitus, Dermatitis, and vision impairment. In general, the component can wreak havoc for the central nervous system and prolonged exposure to high concentrations of the colourless liquid may result in loss of consciousness, and may even be fatal.

Wanisiusiow, whose findings were conducted using the RX series’ RX daytona and a Randox creatinine kit stated, “Toluene is undoubtedly one of the most widely used organic solvents in industry.” But how does Toluene do it? Wanisusiow goes on to state, “As far as we know, there are two major mechanisms which might explain toluene-induced hearing loss. Firstly, a poisoning of Deiters and Hensen’s cells, which are both important to maintain the K+ homeostasis in the vicinity of outer hair cells. Secondly, an oxidative cell injury, such as lipid peroxidation.”

An interesting point uncovered in this study is that suffering the severe side-effect of Toluene seems to be species-specific. The original experiment, carried out on rats, displayed expected symptoms of ototoxicity. However, guinea pigs reacted differently. The study speculates: The half-life of toluene is longer in the rat than in the guinea pig. This might be one way to explain the difference in cochlear sensitivity to toluene between rats and guinea pigs but likely not the only one.

So, what is it in the genetic makeup of guinea pigs, that rats do not possess, that could fight the negative effects of Toluene? Could learning what causes guinea pigs immunity be beneficial to our research into hearing loss?

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cleaning product bottles

We Are Randox | Scott Paulin’s Journey to Antarctica

Randox employees are adventurous and strive to live a healthy life full of laughter and excitement. So, we do our best to encourage individuality and value these vibrant employees! Here’s Scott’s story of his Journey to Antarctica.

Recently, Scott Paulin, a member of the Randox Clinical Chemistry R&D and manufacturing team from our Apprentice scheme told us about his time exploring the harsh terrains of Antarctica, intensely studying human response-based research before he joined Randox.

Scott sat down with us to tell us his story. Here’s what we talked about:

“My postgraduate degree involved me travelling to Antarctica on a 3 month expedition as part of a multi-disciplinary support team to conduct some novel research. The study aimed to profile stress and immunological responses in athlete’s skiing 500 miles before finishing at the Geographical South Pole. The ultra-endurance race was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Captain Robert Scott’s ill-fated attempt to become the first man to reach the South Pole. The finding from the research study have since provided useful insight into the physiological stress and responses associated with an Antarctic ultra-endurance race and nutritional counterstrategies to help maintain immune responses, function body weight and reduce stress markers. A number of papers have been published in peer reviewed journals.”

After Scott’s exciting journey in Antarctica, he began to tell us of life when he returned home, where he found it difficult to settle back in to normal life:

“Following the completion of my MRes, I found it difficult to gain employment in the science industry in Northern Ireland. Now, I am participating in the apprentice scheme at Randox where I am working in Clinical Chemistry R&D and manufacturing which has provided me with invaluable experience and allowed me to continue working in a laboratory setting. I am hopeful of securing a full time role at Randox in the near future and hope to build a career within the company.”

Randox’s propensity to invite only the most motivated, and forward-thinking young minds to join our team meant Scott was given the opportunity to continue his journey with us! If you’re looking for a career in Business, Science or Engineering, let Randox be the next step in your adventure!


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Careers Tips | 5 Reasons You’ll Love Working at Randox

Are you thinking of working at Randox? Great! Whether you’re from a science background, business, or art, Randox embrace multiple disciplines and we, at Randox Careers, are here to give you 5 reasons why you’ll love working with us!

1. Company Culture

Randox have built a team of the most passionate, inspiring and motivated individuals in the industry. Employees of Randox aren’t just a team, but they’re family!

Randox Laboratories likes to celebrate talent, and encourages people to work to their strengths, as recently demonstrated in the largely successful Future in the Making event, which was held to gather and thank Randox employees worldwide for the success of the growth of the company. Randox encouraged employees to share their experiences through the hashtag #WeAreRandox. Check it out, here!

2. Learning Opportunities are Endless!

Due to the size of Randox, and the vast specialties in the health sector, Randox Laboratories has a lot to offer in teaching new, innovative techniques in business, science, design, technology, engineering, and many more!

Randox is a great place to be given the opportunity to get creative in your industry! Work is always fast-paced, forward-thinking and open to fresh, innovative ideas! Peter FitzGerald (Randox Founder & MD) stated “We never stand still here! Our mission is to transform healthcare by continuously improving diagnostic solutions, which, for us, ultimately means saving lives.”

Randox Laboratories is not only a great place to grow, develop and climb the career-ladder whilst in full-time work, but it encourages growth in students, too! Renowned for their highly active Placement programs for 1st and 2nd year students, Randox offers 50+ positions each year for every sector. We hold a special awards ceremony for our highest achieving students at the end of the year, commending them for their outstanding work at Randox! You can read about the Pinnacle Placement Awards and see this year’s winners here.

3. Randox is a Globally Respected Brand

Working for a company like Randox will prove your ambition to individuals in every industry globally. We understand your CV is very important to you, and having worked for a well-respected brand like Randox,  you’re sure to stand out from the crowd!

4. Be a Jet-setter! 

Randox has a large global presence. With offices in over 145 countries, we are frequently attending high profile events in such places as Dubai, Thailand, London, USA, and Paris! (You can check out some of our upcoming events, here.)

You can have the opportunity to experience these beautiful countries with Randox!

5. Let Your Work Change The World

Randox is an influential company and a global leader in the Healthcare and Diagnostics industry, responsible for diagnosing 5% of the population’s conditions. We are dedicated to improving the healthcare industry, and saving lives with our hard work. Randox’s success means better quality of life for the global population, as we discover how to diagnose as early as possible.

Do you want to change the world with us? Join the team, check out our opportunities!

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Kit Insert Request - Reagents
  • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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