King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis highlights the importance of early detection.

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King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis has highlighted the importance of early detection. By detecting potential health issues early at Randox Health, individuals can implement lifestyle changes, treatment plans, or preventative measures that might help mitigate or event prevent the progression of certain diseases.

At Randox Health, we deliver the information to empower people to be proactive about improving their health and well-being.

Using novel biomarker-based algorithms, Randox Health deliver real-time information on cancer risk e.g., prostate cancer and bladder cancer, allowing earlier intervention and treatment.

Traditionally, prostate cancer risk assessment involves PSA testing. PSA measures the level of Prostate Specific Antigen in the blood and can indicate abnormality within the prostate.

Although PSA is highly specific for prostate disease, it is not specific for prostate cancer. A raised PSA can also indicate an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, or a urinary tract infection.

The new Randox Health Prostate Cancer Risk algorithm combines traditional PSA testing, with analysis of novel biomarkers to help determine risk of prostate cancer. Combining biomarkers in this way can help strengthen assessment and enable those with an increased risk of prostate cancer to be prioritized for further investigation, as well as reducing the need for unnecessary and invasive further investigations in low-risk individuals.

It is estimated that 30-50% of all cancer cases are avoidable, in many cases early detection is key and can save lives – cancer that is diagnosed at an early stage, when it isn’t too large and hasn’t spread, is more likely to be treated successfully.

Spotting cancer at an early stage saves lives, many people however, don’t have access to the information or services to facilitate this detection – Over 8 million people within the UK are currently awaiting diagnostic testing. At Randox Health, with over forty years’ experience in creating new and innovative diagnostic technologies, we have a focus on early diagnosis and prevention; aiming to achieve better health outcomes whilst reducing the burden on clinical services.

At Randox Health we offer genetic risk tests for inherited cancers including Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Bowel Cancer, and others. In addition, we offer a range of full body health checks that include common tumour associated markers.

The results gained allows you to not only get a more accurate interpretation of your current health status but knowingly make lifestyle changes that can help you prevent future health risks.


Additional Information on tests available at Randox Health

Genetic Cancer Risk

Available from £750

1 in 10 cancers are thought to be caused by hereditary gene mutations. Our Genetic Cancer Risk test covers 94 different genes suspected to play a role in predisposing one to cancer, including genes associated with increased risk of breast, ovarian, prostate, colorectal and thyroid cancer.

If a genetic variant linked to cancer is found there are options available to help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Regular screening and health checks
  • In some cases – risk-reducing surgery.

Our Randox Health Genetic Counsellor will guide and support you throughout testing processes and will also be available to explain your results and advise on next steps.

Genetic Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk

Available from £499.

Around 5-10% of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary and up to 20% of ovarian cancers are genetic. Our Genetic Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk test covers 8 different genes including BRCA1 and BRCA2 associated with both hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Genetic Bowel Cancer Risk

Available from £499

It is estimated that 1 in 15 males and 1 in 8 females will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime with around 5-10% of all bowel cancers thought to be caused by a mutation in a known gene. Our bowel cancer risk test screens for mutations in 11 different genes associated with increased risk of bowel cancer.

Advanced PSA

Available from £49

Almost 50,000 men in the United Kingdom (UK) are diagnosed each year with prostate cancer (PCa). Secondary referrals for investigations rely on PSA levels and digital rectal examination. However, both tests lack sensitivity and specificity, resulting in unnecessary referrals to secondary care for costly and invasive biopsies.

Using a novel combination of biomarkers including PSA, our prostate Cancer Risk Score can help to assess your risk of prostate cancer and help reduce the need for unnecessary, invasive further investigations in low-risk individuals.

A recent study demonstrated that the combination of markers included within this test significantly improved the predictive potential of PSA alone in identifying individuals with prostate cancer.

Everyman/ Everywoman Plus Tumour-Associated Markers

Available from £857

With this health package you can get unrivalled insights on your overall health in addition to several tumour markers associated with bowel, ovarian, prostate, liver, and pancreatic cancer from a simple blood test. Regular health screenings helps to identify risks early allowing you to get the appropriate treatment sooner.

Signature Platinum Range

Available from £2600

Get truly unrivalled insights on your current health and future health risks that empower you to take action to help improve your health and prevent illness.

Measure 350 health data points relating to your full body health including genetic, stress, neurological & tumour associated markers with full repeat testing after 6 months is included to allow you to effectively evaluate the progress of your health journey to the fullest and identify further areas for improvement.

GPs appointments, referrals and prescriptions are included if required.