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Sam Cairns has completed what seemed to be the impossible – overcoming physical and mental hurdles to stand on top of the world. Cairns, from Aviemore, which is situated within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland, successfully summited Mount Everest with help from County Antrim based, Leading Diagnostics company, Randox Health.

Ex Team-GB biathlete, Cairns is also the founder of Fitnessat58° and the cofounder of the Lunchbox boys. To Cairns climbing Mount Everest represented the pinnacle of all his aspirations, a true test of his physical capabilities.

He successfully reached the summit on Thursday, May 18th, at 4:45 am.

He also faced elemental dangers on his journey – facing multiple avalanches along the treacherous route. Undeterred by the different physical and mental obstacle he faced along the way Cairns pressed on to complete his self-assigned challenge, defying all the odds stacked against him to accomplish the end goal of reaching the top.

In preparation for this challenge Cairns’ training regimen encompassed 3-hour conditioning sessions, 50km ultra runs, and multiple ascents of Ben Nevis within a remarkable time frame.

Cairns worked closely with Randox Health throughout his training, utilizing the use of Randox’s health kits and Everyathlete health program to optimize his training and nutrition through data-driven insights.

“I’ve worked closely with Randox Health, whose team played a huge role in this process.

“Using their health kits, I gained key insights to ensure my health was where it needed to be, allowing me to optimize my training and nutrition for maximum performance with the Everyathlete health program.

“It has over 80 data points linked to nutrition, muscle, joint, hormonal health, and body composition; I used repeat testing to monitor changes in my health data. Randox Health also generously made a financial donation towards the expedition.”

The Everyathlete health program, which aided Cairns in his training helps optimize training, as noted, and nutrition for maximum performance. Over 80 data points linked to nutrition, muscle, joint, hormonal health, and body composition measured are included to help athletes keep on track, stay motivated and monitor your health data.

For Male Athletes, there is an option to include PSA is available during booking. The Everyathlete programme is perfect for anyone who wants to be proactive about their health, establish their health baseline prior to training and track their health data throughout training.

It not only helps people reach the peak of the world but also the peak of their fitness.

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“This was the toughest mental test of my life, and I’m very glad to be home. Mount Everest truly lives up to the hype.” – Sam Cairns.